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Assessment of Laboratory Services, at General Hospital, Palanpur against N.A.B.L. Standards

  • Pooja Aggarwal
  • Agency : Laboratory Services, General Hospital, Facility Management, NABH Standards
  • Objective : This report presents a research on the assessment of the laboratory services, at general hospital, Palanpur, against the national accreditation board for calibration and testing laboratories standards.
    The main aim of carrying out this research is to check the compliance of laboratory services with NABL standards, so that a comprehensive quality management system can be established.
  • Background : A laboratory is a facility that supports patient care by providing diagnostic & management information to the care giver. Its ultimate goal is to provide accurate & timely results for diagnosis, treatment & monitoring of ailing patients. Because of the increased dependence of clinical services on the diagnostic procedures, a large number of laboratories have started going for national and international accreditations.
  • Methodology : An observational and descriptive study was carried out for a period of three months to explore the topic with the help of both primary and secondary data.
  • Findings : The study revealed many interesting facts like the shortage of manpower, poor conditions of the equipments, need for calibration, AMC/CMC, lack of inter departmental and intradepartmental coordination, faulty government policies regarding procurement and maintenance of equipments, poor infrastructure and need of SOP formulation.
  • Recommendations : Based on findings and address the objectives of the study recommendations were made. It can be summarized that this report proved to be a helpful tool in analyzing the gaps in the laboratory service delivery. The results of the report will be useful in establishing a well implemented and monitored quality management system that generates services with elements of both patient safety and employee safety. This will help in making the laboratory services error free and on time.
report presents a research on the assessment of the laboratory services, at general hospital, Palanpur