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Assessment of a Hospital as Per FFHI Guidelines

  • Sunita Choudhary
  • Agency : FFHI Guidelines, Family Friendly Hospital Initiative, Health Facilities, Quality of Services
  • Objective : To review the existing system of the hospital. To have a best possible H.R. measure study on employee satisfaction. To have patient perspective study on patient satisfaction. To identify the lacunas in hospital to become a family friendly hospital. To recommend the areas of improvement for strengthening and improving the quality as per FFHI check list, this helps to reduce the lacunae’s and variation.
  • Background : Family Friendly Hospital Initiative (FFHI), a kind of certification of health facilities wherein certain    quality of services needs to be ensured. The essential components for declaring a facility as FFHI are (a) evidence based protocol; (b) quality of services; (c) availability of essential drugs; (d) and availability of referral transport. A Hospital at Rajkot has already got the certification for Baby friendly hospital initiative some years ago. Assessment of the hospital was done for “Family friendly hospital certification initiative”.
  • Methodology : The project was descriptive in nature. Primary data was collected by Observation Structured Interview method.   Secondary data was collected from hospital medical records.  The primary data collected was transferred to a standard format of “Quality Framework- System approach” and then analysis done through Ishikawa fishbone diagram (Root cause analysis).
  • Findings : Results shows that 90 percent patients were satisfied with the cleanliness of hospital campus. Results of table 8 shows that almost 80 percent patients were found to be highly satisfied to the cleanliness of bed sheet. Analysis pertaining to cleanliness of  ward reveals that 96 percent patients were found satisfied from the cleanliness of the hospital. Result reflects that 28 percent patients were not aware about their treatment. Around 92 percent patients were found to be highly satisfied with the behaviour of doctors. It was found that, 84 percent patients were satisfied with food quality and time. The major gap was related to the service environment like Non availability of display of doctors’ availability and timings, Littering by the patients in the hospital, Non availability of electronic display of token, Junks inside the hospital. The second major gap was related to client provider interaction like No feedback system from the patient, Non-availability complaint box for the patients. The third gap was related to access to the patient. Non availability of service guarantees character, non availability of signage and directions. The forth gap was related to professional standards and technical competence like Non availability of check sheet for surgical patients.  
  • Recommendations : Not Available
To identify the lacunas in hospital to become a family friendly hospital.