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Benchmarketing of Medical Records at Eye Hospital at New Delhi

  • Rupinder Sahota
  • Agency : Benchmarking, Medical Records, MRD Policy
  • Objective : Detailed study was done to see how strong the information system (Medical Records Department) at Eye hospital was done. Relevant facts were taken from journals and internet as a part of literature review and secondly, old patient records, direct interaction with hospital staff was done to gather primary data.
  • Background : Not Available
  • Methodology : This retrospective study is based on, both secondary and primary data. Relevant analysis was done to formulate strategies in order to provide solution to the given objective. Random sampling was done for retrospective part and whole population was studied for prospective part. Fro content analysis 757 files were scanned out of which 400 were taken form the past data and 357 files were taken for prospective study. The strategies were divided according to the key findings. Contribution was met with success, and thus further recommendations were done.
  • Findings : MRD and general store should be in separate place. Lack of signage found. Space of store room is cramped. Security is not adequate. MRD policy is not implemented. The quality of consent forms is very found to be very poor and the print is also not clear. Coding system is not present. Records are not received every day. For cataract occupies the least % of discrepancies were found. Procedures like cyclocryotherapy, pupilloplasty, probing and syringing have 100% discrepancy. Only 8 elements out of the 36 were seen in IMS 1 and IMS 5. Somewhat compliance is noted in IMS 7 (42.8%) which pertains to the procedure laid down for medical audit. It was also found that documented procedure is not present. Arrangement and configuration of records is not standardized. A lack of awareness and training is there amongst all the staff members specially doctors.
  • Recommendations : Formulating a medical records department policy is recommended on priority. Some Architectural suggestions were also be implemented. Documents mentioned in the policy should be maintained. Filled consent forms of OPD procedures should be taken care off by the MRD.
Detailed study was done to see how strong the information system (Medical Records Department) at Eye hospital was done