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Comparative Study on Incidence of VAP in ICU at Ruban Emergency Hospital Patna

  • Anuj Dandotia
  • Agency : IUC, Incidence of VAP, Nosocomial Infection; Intensive Care Unit
  • Objective : To study the incidence of nosocomial infection, To study the incidence of VAP of patients on ventilator, To compare the incidence of infection rate at REH with the hospitals of similar capacity(previous studies and literature.
  • Background : The study was done at Ruban Emergency Hospital focusing on ICU services in developing VAP and also comparative study was done on incidence of VAP and suggested measures to reduce it. The study consists of two parts- Understanding the working of the hospital, the infection control policies persisting in the hospital ,working manual of infection control committee, review of literature and past studies done on Nosocomial infection. (2) Collection, analyzing and summarizing of data collected from the ICU and thus calculating incidence of VAP.
  • Methodology : The study was based on data collected of all the patients being admitted in ICU of REH and their follow up during entire period of stay in the Hospital. A descriptive study of exploratory nature was conducted within a stipulated time frame of two weeks was done in consciences with the higher authorities
  • Findings : The incidence of Ventilator associated pneumonia (VAP) was found to be 28% which when compared with the other studies was found to be significantly higher as the study was done in MICU and incidence of VAP in MICU is considered to be 9-10%.Out of 141 patients being admitted in the ICU for various ailments most of them were of chronic kidney disease among them 46 required assisted ventilation and 13 of them developed VAP.
  • Recommendations : Not Available

    :  Ruban Emergency Hospital  is an emergency hospital and most of the patients which are being referred to the REH are from the sister concern hospital Ruban Memorial Hospital. It is a multispecialty kidney Hospital where most of the patients are being admitted in REH are of chronic kidney disease and at end stage renal disease with already immuno-compromised status. Many of them are on the immuno-compresive drugs so these patients are more susceptible to acquire infection after being admitted in the hospital thus it is quite necessary to develop and implement the infection control policy in this hospital to check out the morbidity as well as mortality.

To study the incidence of nosocomial infection, To study the incidence of VAP of patients on ventilator,