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Human Resource for Health in a District Hospital at Rajasthan

  • Trupti Khandelwal
  • Agency : Human Resources, District Hospital, NRHM
  • Objective : A study on HRH was conducted in District Hospital, Rajasthan.  The study objective were: (i) to review the efforts made by the GoR to attract and retain the health functionaries in health facilities, (ii) to find out reasons for success/ failure of the efforts made in the district, and (iii) to suggest about what more could be done in the present context human resources for health encompass–health and hospital mangers, medical officers, nursing staff and support staff to study the current status at the District Hospital in Rajasthan
  • Background :
    Shortage of human resource in health sector is a major problem in India and more in rural areas. Similarly in Rajasthan, it is scarcer in terms of doctors. Nearly one nursing staff is available for 1000 population but even single doctor is not available for per thousand populations.
  • Methodology : Purposive sampling was done to understand the human resource planning and other relevant issues. A total of 22 officials at the district and state were conducted using a checklist. In addition, secondary data was collected and analyzed.
  • Findings : The results revealed acute shortage of health functionaries, especially Medical i.e. 44% following Government of Rajasthan rules. It will be more if IPHS is followed. However, under NRHM, Government of Rajasthan has initiated efforts for attracting and retaining the medical officers. Moreover, the medical officers were overburdened due to high rate of vacant positions, including voluntary retirement scheme.
  • Recommendations : The study recommended a dedicated human resource cell at the state level, decentralization and evidence-based review the efforts made by the GoR to attract and retain the health functionaries in health facilities
A study on HRH was conducted in District Hospital, Rajasthan.