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Rapid Assessment of a Model Initiative to Ensure Quality Family Planning Services in Uttarakhand

  • Esha Kalra
  • Agency : Family Planning Services, Uttarakhand, Quality of Care, Rapid Assessment
  • Objective : The study was planned by the partner organizations to capture the quality indicators set by the project as the outcome objectives.
  • Background : Quality of Care, more commonly called as QOC, is an integral part of the family planning services. A Project ‘Model Initiative to Ensure Quality Family Planning Services in Uttarakhand’ has been initiated by Population Foundation of India (PFI-New Delhi) in collaboration with one of the hospital in Dehradun with a focus on increasing access and reach of Quality family planning services in the project area of Dehradun and Rishikesh. It aims to provide QOC through the existing health infrastructure viz. training centers and the government health facilities with which the partners have collaborated.
  • Methodology : The study was done by assessing four health camps being organised under the project through observation of the facility and the client-provider interaction process with the help of a checklist. The client satisfaction was assessed through exit-interviews. To capture the QOC view from the sterilization facilities and to have a feedback from the providers, data was collected for these also. A qualitative analysis of the data from various collection methods have been used in this study.
  • Findings : The study shows that the facilities are capable and ready to provide quality care. Few re-arrangements are needed at one of the camps like the judicious utilization of the free space in the facility to convert it into a separate reception and a waiting area. A separate area for counseling in the camps will also lead to quality care. The introduction of a separate counselor under the project is seen as a blessing to the project. All the providers are found to have the required skills from the observational checklist. But few important components of are not properly taken care of. These are also indicated by the client exit interviews. The Urban Health Centre is seen as having the potential for being developed as a centre of excellence for maternal, child health and family planning services.
  • Recommendations : The study suggests that bio waste-management and handling rules, a client feedback system, and regular up gradation of the knowledge and skills of the providers including updates on contraceptive advances can be added in the program to achieve high levels of QOC. It has tried to find out the gaps and the required solutions to fill those gaps. The mid-project corrections based on the study and the regular assessments in future will help in ensuring that quality family planning services are given in Uttarakhand. It will fulfill the hope that more people of the state will have Planned Parenthood. As a future scope of the study, the present study will be a part of the literature on Rapid Assessment of Quality in Family Planning services in India.
study was planned by the partner organizations to capture the quality indicators set by the project as the outcome objectives