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Study on Factors Associated with Satisfaction and Motivation of the Class III & IV Employees in Government District Hospital, Kota

  • Aparna Jha
  • Agency : IUC, Incidence of VAP, Nosocomial Infection; Intensive Care Unit
  • Objective : To explore and compare the perceptions of the class III & IV employees working in the Government tertiary care hospital at Rajasthan with regard to the availability of motivators at their work- place and to suggest some interventions to improve the work environment in the hospital.
  • Background : The importance of human factor is very well realized by the corporate and other private organizations. On the other hand, the government organizations are still struggling with the problems of workers union, strikes, lockouts, unaccountability of the workers who consider their future secure after joining the government organization even if they do not perform. Human resources are considered important hence,  this study was carried out  to understand the problem faced by the employees, which dissatisfy them and degraded their efficiency.
  • Methodology : The methodology used to conduct this study was both quantitative and qualitative technique through personal interview, questionnaire consisting both open and close ended questions. The analysis was done using MS-excel and the findings were shown with the help of pie and bar charts.
  • Findings : Findings revealed that all class III employees know about their job responsibilities. No formal orientation or induction programme was done when they join the organization. Majority responded that they have some valuable suggestions to improve the functioning of the hospital. The class IV employees neither get any kind of appreciation from the senior officers nor get any promotion in job which leads to lower satisfaction and motivation level in the employees. More than half of the nurse face problem in getting the adequate amount of supply of materials for efficient discharge of their duties. 25% staff was not working according to their post.   A majority of employees doesn’t wear their uniforms on duty.
  • Recommendations : Job chart to be prepared for every worker including the daily wage employees. Manpower planning should be done for the proper allocation of the staff. Uniform policies should be formulated and strictly followed to ensure discipline. Discipline and punctuality should be improved and strictly observed.  Good work should be appreciated not only in words but also in terms of remunerations or reward. Basic facilities like canteen, pure drinking water, rest rooms should be provided to the staff. Feedbacks can be taken from the staff for nay scope of improvements in the functioning of the hospital.
To explore and compare the perceptions of the class III & IV employees working in the Government tertiary care hospital at Rajasthan