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Assessment of ASHA Coaching as an Effective Strategy for Promotion of NSV in Kanpur Urban District

  • Jenisha Sharma
  • Agency : ASHA, NSV, Urban Districts; Communication Skills
  • Objective : To assess the behavior change and communication skills of 17 trained ASHAs in Kanpur Urban district. To identify the gaps in training programme of ASHA. To recommend actions to fill the gaps.
  • Background : Since October 2009, RESPOND-NSV initiative has also been working in UP with the aim of increasing the awareness, acceptance and access to NSV in UP through various demand generation strategies such as orienting and coaching ASHAs. However, very less number of referrals has been made by the coached ASHAs which points towards the urgent need to understand the social dynamics that ultimately motivates a potential client to accept NSV.
  • Methodology : The study was descriptive and participatory in nature. 17 ASHAs were selected purposively from 3 CHC of Kanpur Urban district and were assessed of their knowledge, perception and skills through 2 Focus Group Discussions. The understanding of the spouses of the potential NSV clients of these ASHAs was also assessed through in depth interview.
  • Findings : All ASHAs had correct and complete knowledge about the procedure. Only one-third of the spouses of the potential clients were aware of the correct information. Therefore, ASHAs are still not able to communicate effectively with the men as well as women to dispel the commonest myth regarding NSV i.e. failure to ejaculate. ASHAs were identified as the main source of information to the community. ASHA orientations and trainings mainly focused more towards improving the knowledge component of ASHAs rather than their skill component.
  • Recommendations : Major recommendations are reformulating the duration and content of orientation programs and making it focused on practical aspects, use of more illustrative IEC tools, recognizing the efforts of best performing ASHAs for NSV and resource mapping in villages to find other key personals in who can promote NSV at the local level.
To assess the behavior change and communication skills of 17 trained ASHAs in Kanpur Urban district