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No-Scalpel Vasectomy in District Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh

  • Md.Imran Khan
  • Agency : No-Scalpel Vasectomy, ASHA, Family Planning, Permanent contraception, Kaushambi
  • Objective : To determine the factors that can bring about an increase in acceptance level of NSV in District Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh.
  • Background : With a total fertility rate of 4.7 of Kaushambi, Uttar Pradesh, It becomes imperative to work towards increasing the acceptance of family planning methods by men folk to bring about the reduction in TFR and helping in bring about a socio-demographic transition.
  • Methodology : The study design is descriptive in nature. The data collected for the proposed study is both primary and secondary in nature. Focus Group Discussion and In-depth Interview is used as the data collection tool. Purposive random sampling method is used in selecting ASHAs, NSV accepted clients and Health staff for FGDs and in-depth interviews. The study was carried out for the time period of four months.
  • Findings : In the context of the district and the existing situation, ASHAs feel the need of a male supervision to be able to generate NSV clients. Also it was found that lack of correct and complete knowledge related to NSV and skills required to communicate effectively are the main issues affecting ASHAs in demand generation. Physical weakness and sexual weakness emerge as the most potent block in acceptance of NSV by masses. Quality issue plays an important role in increasing NSV acceptance and needs to be given prime importance in order to promote NSV.
  • Recommendations : Firstly, the role of ASHA husbands can be explored and entrusted with the responsibility of involving men folk towards NSV. Health staff in the form of Basic health worker (male) can also be given the additional task of mentoring the ASHAs. Secondly, emphasis should be given to ensure that ASHAs, clinical and non clinical Health Staff and the general public is aware of the features and positives of NSV over other family planning methods and is clear of various myths and misunderstandings associated with the topic. Lastly, measures like formation of “NSV team” and “male friendliness” of the hospitals can be promoted to result in better client service and increased satisfaction levels among the NSV accepters.
To determine the factors that can bring about an increase in acceptance level of NSV in District Kaushambi in Uttar Pradesh