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Reasons for Acceptance of No Scalpel Vasectomy (NSV) in Kannauj District of Uttar Pradesh

  • Bhartendu Sharma
  • Agency : NSV; No Scalpel Vasectomy; ASHAs; ANMs
  • Objective : To examine the reasons for acceptance of vasectomy by clients in Kannauj District. 
    To study the socio economic and demographic profile of vasectomy acceptors.
    To know the perceptions of vasectomy acceptors on various aspects of family planning methods and services.
    To know the perception of ASHAs regarding reasons of acceptance of ‘No Scalpel Vasectomy’ among acceptorsand To Know the level of knowledge of ASHAs about NSV
  • Background : Vasectomy constituted about 65% of all the sterilizations but started declining by late 70s. As per NFHS-2 among all methods of contraception male sterilization was only 2%, NFHS-3 says it further dropped to 1% and Kannauj district is one of the most poor performing districts of UP. The study tries to explore the reasons behind acceptance of NSV among those who had accepted NSV.
  • Methodology : Study Area was Kannauj District (UP) where 3 blocks were selected; Sample Size was 40 NSV acceptors and 50 ASHAs. Sampling was done by Census of available clients, ASHAs as per convenience. Purposive Sampling Data collection method was used to collect qualitative data. Tools used were in-depth interviews check list, FGDs and structured questionnaire.Study duration was from 10th of January 2011 to 30 April 2011.
  • Findings : Majority of respondents were literate but rate of NSV acceptance falls with higher education. NSV acceptance is more in men who are involved in doing heavy work and refutes misconception that NSV is not for people who do heavy work. Average age was more than 36 and average no. of children more than 4. ASHAs/ANMs were reported as major sources of information followed by Mass media thus need to further their role. Misconceptions about NSV are prevalent more among women as majority wanted their husband not to undergo NSV. ASHAs level of knowledge about NSV is inadequate. Money and religion have some but not total influence on acceptance of NSV.
  • Recommendations : More involvement of ASHAs and mass media in promotion of NSV. Counseling sessions to be conducted by doctors for those couples who are hesitant to accept NSV but want to limit family size. Proper follow up and post-operative instructions should be given to all clients. Easy access with regular service provision and quality should be maintained.
To examine the reasons for acceptance of vasectomy by clients in Kannauj District