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A Study on Implementation Status of Rajasthan Janani Sishu Surksha Yojna (RJSSY) at General Hospital Alwar

  • Aashmohamad
  • Objective :
    1. To study the impact of JSSY on maternal care.  
    2. To study the knowledge and utilization of RJSSY scheme among institutional delivered women.  
    3. To study the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of ASHA about JSSY

  • Background : Rajasthan state government, on 12 September 2011 launched the ambitious Janani Shishu Suraksha Yojna in all the 33 districts of the state. The Scheme aims to bring down maternal and child mortality rate in the state. Under the scheme, the government has been providing free treatment and transport facility to pregnant women and sick infants. Along with this, all the pregnant women were provided medicines and other consumables before, during and till 6 months after the delivery. Likewise, the sick infants were provided free medicines, free up to 30 days of their birth

  • Methodology :
    1. The study was conducted at district hospital Alwar and involved collection of primary data for descriptive study. 
    2.  A total of 2 medical officers, 15 ASHA workers, 24 Yashoda, and 105 recently delivered women were interviewed using predesigned questionnaires.  
    3. The JSSY in charge of Alwar District Hospital was also interviewed. 
    4.  All the ASHA accompanying the mothers for institytional deliveries were also interviewed. 
    5.   Secondary Data (of past one year) was also collected from hospital records to understand the effects of JSSY on maternal care.

  • Findings : Out of the total interviewed beneficiaries, 86 percent had received total cashless delivery services. 74 percent beneficiaries got the transport facility from institution to home after the delivery and all the beneficiaries received free provisional diet during their stay in the hospital. 100 percent beneficiaries received free diagnostic service as blood and HIVcheck-up etc. 96 percent of the women stayed for 48 hours in the institution after delivery as per the JSSY guidelines. About 76 percent of the women were given the JSSY benefit of Rs 1400/- which indicates that more benefits were given to people of rural areas. Almost all women received free medicines from institution during the delivery and got care for the sick or newborn for up to 30 days in the hospital. All the beneficiaries were paid through cheque and no cash payment was done. Out of the 20 percent beneficiaries who were aware about JSSY, 41 percent replied that ASHA was the major source of information about JSSY for them. Out of 78 percent beneficiaries who were aware about ASHA, only 31 percent replied that they received any kind of counseling for breast feeding, nutritional practice, and cashless delivery etc. were free in the Govt. hospitals. 74 percent of the women replied that they were neither accompaned by ASHA and nor transportation was arranged by ASHA Awareness regarding cash assistance given of it was found that 87 percent beneficiaries were aware about it. Out of the total beneficiaries about 74 percent were aware about the link person (ASHA).

  • Recommendations :
    1.   ASHA have a poor knowledge of JSSY related concepts, components and process. Hence it is recommended that time to time training regarding latest guidelines and JSSY should be given to the ASHA workers.  
    2.  More extensive campaigning as done for polio using celebrities like Amitabh Bachhan. Should be done for JSSY also as it can be a better communication medium to beneficiaries.
    3.   For motivating ASHA to deliver their services some target schemes can be started by the Government like cash prizes or motivational prizes etc be given to them. 
    4.    A Nodal officer should be appointed to monitor the working of concerned staff involved in the implementation of JSSY.

To study the impact of JSSY on maternal care. To study the knowledge and utilization of RJSSY scheme among institutional delivered women. To study the knowledge, attitude and practice (KAP) of ASHA about JSSY