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Knowledge Level of Swasthya Sakhis about Maternal and Newborn Healthcare in Selected Gram Panchayats, of Shahgarh and Amethi Blocks of Uttar Pradesh

  • Vineet Taneja
  • Agency : Rajiv Gandhi MahilaVikas Pariyojana, Swasthya Sakhis, Knowledge level, maternal and newborn healthcare, Self Help Group
  • Objective :
    1.   To assess the knowledge level of SHG level Samooh Swasthya Sakhis, about Maternal and Newborn healthcare.  
    2. To find out the gaps in knowledge regarding maternal and newborn healthcare among the respondents. 
    3.   To find out feasible solutions for these gaps.  

  • Background : With 21% of annual birth cohort, the state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) has a disproportionate 25% of neonatal deaths and 35% of maternal deaths in the country (almost 8% of the global burden). Poor mothers and families are likely to face financial hurdles due to inaccessibility of credit during health emergencies.
    The government infrastructure is very weakly equipped and inadequate to provide quality services to the population. The Self-Help Group (SHG) model that Rajiv Gandhi MahilaVikasPariyojana (RGMVP) promotes is a promising institutionalized and scalable demand-side social platform or operating system for scaling up family health interventions.

  • Methodology : Study area comprised of 2 blocks of C.S.M district namely Amethi and shahgarh block. In Amethi Block 4 Gram Panchayats were selected namely SaraiKhema, TrilokPur, Tala and Ramnagar. In shahgarh block, 4 Gram Panchayats were selected namely Paniyar, Jalama, Paliya and Tarsada.By purposive sampling, 10 SHG level swasthyaSakhis were selected from each of these 8 Gram panchayats, comprising of a total sample size of 80. Primary quantitative and qualitative data was collected with the help of a structured questionnaire which was based on various aspects of maternal and newborn care. Questionnaire was in Hindi. Questionnaire was provided to respondents. They filled it with the best of their knowledge. After collection, data was analyzed using Microsoft Excel.

  • Findings : Not Available
  • Recommendations : The knowledge of respondents in respect to maternal and newborn healthcare issues is impressive, especially on topics like immunization, maternal and newborn nutrition, personal hygiene, preparedness before delivery in hospital and at home, importance of IFA tablets, colostrums feeding, and ORS administration at the time of diarrhea. On these topics, majority of the respondents gave correct response.

To assess the knowledge level of SHG level Samooh Swasthya Sakhis, about Maternal and Newborn healthcare