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Role of JSY in Increasing Institutional Deliveries in District Banaskantha of Gujarat

  • Soumitra Narayan Budhouliya
  • Agency : JSY, Incentive, ASHA, Janani Suraksha Yojana
  • Objective : The objectives of the study were
    1. To know the level and trends of institutional deliveries in district Banaskantha,  
    2.   To find out the reasons for institutional deliveries in the district, 
    3.  To study the utilization pattern of JSY incentive by Beneficiary and 
    4. To identify the reasons for home deliveries.

  • Background : Janani suraksha yojana (JSY) is an incentive based programme for the promotion of institutional deliveries. The main objective of this programme is to ensure that each delivery is conducted in the institute and that is it attended by a skill birth attendant (SBA) to minimize or prevent maternal deaths and pregnancy related complication in a woman and at the same time ensure the well being of the mother and the new born. Under JSY cash assistance is provided to mother and the ASHA is provided for institutional deliveries. Recruitment and training of ASHAs in each village has given further impetus to the efforts of preventing maternal deaths. The JSY was meant to promote maternal health during at least three phases of ANC.

  • Methodology : It was a descriptive cross-sectional Study in district Banaskantha, Gujarat. Multistage Stratified Sampling was used in the present study, with a sample size of 80 women who delivered in last 1 year. Data were collected with the help of semi structured interview schedule for primary data and review of facility records for collection of secondary data. The total time duration for the study was 3 months (1st February 2012 to 30th April 2012) and univariate analysis was done for the same.

  • Findings : Not Available


    The study shows that Rate of institutional deliveries has increased from 72% to 92% since 2007-08 to 2011-12 in district Banaskantha. The number of JSY beneficiaries who opted for institutional deliveries has increased from 41% to 92% since last five years. 52% people go to private hospital for institutional deliveries and 14% delivery take place at home. 46% home deliveries are because of preterm labor and 36% home deliveries occur because of people's belive lack of facilities at the institution. 53% people go for institutional deliveries because of availability of doctors and about 42 percent people think that life of mother and child will be safe if they go for institutional deliveries. 64 percent people used their financial incentive of JSY for consuming food and 20 percent people used their incentive for delivery expenses.

  • Recommendations : Proper IEC and counseling of the pregnant mothers and family members would help to reduce home delivery in tribal areas. Strengthening government facilities would lead to increased institutional deliveries among SC and ST women. ANC and PNC of every pregnant woman should be done properly and timely. Finally, timely payment of JSY Incentive to pregnant women should be made.

To know the level and trends of institutional deliveries in district Banaskantha