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Project on Marketing Strategies,Professional Sales Delivery and End-User Implementation of Charak -A Modern and Comprehensive HIS System for Modern Hospitals

  • Varun Mishra
  • Agency : Vaatsalya, NGO, Public sector , Private sector, RCH Centres
  • Objective : India needs a connected system of Healthcare information available to all doctors and patients whenever and wherever necessary. Asclepius Consulting is a healthcare IT company and dealing with the healthcare IT software called “CHARAK” which is running successfully in more than 60 odd hospitals over 12 states across the country. The marketing strategy for company is to Learn Charak (Hospital Information System) and maps the same to customer requirement, self prepare sales pitch to deliver and further answer queries during sales interactions with the customers, competitor monitoring and response on competitor activities, reach out to hospital through phone calls or direct visits and identify HIS needs. In this process, to have meetings with hospital medical director/CEO/Administrator and also before any sales interaction ensuring all market intelligence about the customer is available. This helps in packaging the HIS product to suit the customer needs. Designated as Manager Business Manager, key roles implies sales presentations to ensure that there is continuous reference to how the HIS understands and solves the largest pain points of the customer and as a part of sales process, conduct hospital process analysis. This helps in understanding the customer needs better and ensure deeper connect with the customer.
    A qualitative project was carried out on the implementation of the software in a mid size hospital of Bangalore (Karnataka). Data was collected from the hospitals (Names cannot be disclosed) during the pre-implementation process. And then it was converted into the systematic flow of data representation to the developers for developing the software. Performing duties as Business development officer, I was supposed to be involved in conducting demonstration sessions for the customers and sending proposals as well.
    Implementation is the process of taking a plan and putting it into action. Before implementation begins, the work plan should have been completed and the smart objectives created.
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A qualitative project was carried out on the implementation of the software in a mid size hospital of Bangalore (Karnataka)