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postgraduate program in pharmaceutical

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Study on Sales Infiltration of Pharmaceutical Products Abhijeet G Gaje Dr. Sandeep Narula
2 Importance of Social Media in the FMCG Brand Awareness Abhinav Kumar Dr. Sandeep Naurla
3 Perception of Near to Expiry Medicines: A Study on Chemists and Consumers Abhinav Mishra Dr. Suresh Joshi
4 Consumer Perception towards Ser vice Provide by Pharmacy Retail Store Abhishek Anand Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
5 Consumer's Response to Online Retailing Amit Sheoran Dr. Tanjul Saxena
6 Study on Promotional Activities of Revital Anjali Sethi Dr. Seema Mehta
7 To Study the Feasibility of Generic Pharmaceutical Retail- Chain Stores with Respect to Consumer Perception Ankit Bhatnagar Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
8 Market Authorization and ANDA Approval Rabeprazole Tab in US Ankit Verma Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
9 Importance of Social Media in the FMCG Brand Awareness Abhinav Kumar Dr. Sandeep Naurla
10 Consumer Behaviour towards the New Packaging of FMCG Products Anshu Malik Mr. Rahul Sharma
11 Corporate Communication-Trends and Patterns in the Indian Pharmaceutical Industry Apeksha Jaiswal Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
12 Impact of Promotional Tools Offered by Pharmaceutical Industry on Physicians Prescribing Behaviour Ashish D Chavan Dr. Sandeep Narula
13 Study of Relationship between Brand Loyalty and Price Sensitivity: A Study of Couth Syrup Bipin Kumar Singh Mr. Rahul Sharma
14 Business Alliances: Opportunities and Threat-A Meta- Analysis Divik Dave Dr. Tanjul Saxena
15 Patter n of UN availed Dispatch and Scope of its Improvement Divya Gurudeo Dr. Seema Mehta
16 Comparative Study of Perception towards Cosmetic Products in Studying and Working Males Hitesh Jain Mr. Rahul Sharma
17 To Study the Mana gement of Asthma at Private Pharmacies in Jaipur Hitesh Sharma Dr. S.D. Gupta
18 Significance of Branding in the Pharmaceutical Industry Indraneel Sinha Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
19 Study of Deter minants for Selection of Active Phar maceutical Ingredient (API) and Raw Material Suppliers in Generic Pharmaceutical Industry Jignesh Bhatt Dr. Sandeep Narula
20 Perception and Attitude of Key Stake Holder towards Corporate Brand: A Study of Pharmaceutical Industries Anukriti Singh Dr. S.D. Gupta
21 Consumer Perception and Brand Awareness towards the Ayurvedic Cough Syrups Available in the Market Mahaveer Prasad Bansal Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
22 Social Media: A Study of Competitive Intelligence of Pharmaceutical Industry Mohd. Mustafa Raza Dr. Tanjul Saxena
23 Consumer's Attitude and Satisfaction towards Generic Medicines: A Study of Rajasthan Mukesh Kewat Dr. Seema Mehta
24 R ela tionship between Consumer Buying Behavior and Packaging Elements for Health Food Drinks Natwar Singh Rajawat Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
25 Market Assessment of Antihypertensive Drugs in United Kingdom Naveen Koushal Mr. Rahul Sharma
26 Study of Prescription Pattern of doctors on total Parenteral Nutrition and Designing its Marketing Strategy Nikita Morbia Dr. S.D. Gupta
27 Study on Impact of Medical Store Retail Layout/Window Advertisement on Consumer Purchasing Behavior for Nutraceutical Products Nitesh Gorver Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
28 Consumer Behaviour: Factors Contributing to the Brand Choice Decision in the Selection of OTC (Over the Counter) Digestive Remedies Ojaswi Tiwari Dr. Sandeep Narula
29 Rapid Assessment of Chief Minister's Free Dr ug Distribution Scheme of Rajasthan Government Pankaj Kumar Agarwal Dr. Tanjul Saxena
30 Consumer Aesthetic Consideration for Pharmaceutical OTC Products Pawan Goyal Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
31 Emotional Intelligence Profiling and its Relationship with Academic Performance of Management Students: A Demographic Study Pragya Gupta Dr. Tanjul Saxena
32 To Evaluate the Knowledge, Attitude and Practice of Doctors towards Adverse Drug Reactions in Teaching Hospital at Indore, Madhya Pradesh Pramod Patidar Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
33 Desensitizing Toothpaste Rx Market: A Study on Perception of Dentists for Sensodyne Pratik Bhatter Dr. Sandeep Narula
34 Impact of Nutritional Labelling on Nutraceuticals-A Socio-Demographic Study Prem Shankar Dr. Tanjul Saxena
35 Market Analysis of Antidepressants in Tier 2 and Tier 3 Cities from Chemist Point of View Pulkit Kadam Dr. Seema Mehta
36 Assess the Factors Inf luencing Consumers Buying Behavior based on Chemist Recalling of OTC Product; Vitamins Puneet Choudhary Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
37 Segment Wise Utilization of Ambulances and Scope of Doubling the Current Level of Performance in Gujarat and Karnataka Puneet Sethi Mr. Rahul Sharma
38 Study on Career Orientation of Females Entering Healthcare and IT Workforce Ritika Das Dr. Sandeep Narula
39 Study of Doctor's Perception towards Choice of Drug in Pain Management Sandeep Kumar Shastri Mr. Rahul Sharma
40 Pharmaco-Legal Environment in India and Its Effect on Pharmaceutical Industry Sanjay Singh Shekhawat Dr. Seema Mehta
41 Doctor's Perception towards Prescribing Amoxicillin- Clavulanic Acid Brands Sanjeet Awate Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
42 Study of Prescription Behaviour of Doctors Regarding Plasma Products and Fractionation of These Products Sanjeev Sharma Mr. Rahul Sharma
43 Consumer Buying Behavior towards Self Blood Glucose Monitoring Devices Saurabh Sharma Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
44 Prospective Study on Self Medication Practices and Consumer's Drug Knowledge in Jaipur, Rajasthan Sharad Suhane Dr. Sandeep Narula
45 Study on Impact of Advertisement on Children's Fast Food Choices Shashank Srivastava Dr. Seema Mehta
46 Study on Impact of Media Advertisement on Women for the Purchase of Moisturizing Creams Shikha Sisodia Mr. Abhishek Dadhich
47 Customer Perception towards Retail Chain Pharmacy (Guardian) Shreeram Sharma Mr. Rahul Sharma
48 Attitude of Physicians, Pharmacist, Students towards Prevention of Prescription Drug Abuse: A demographic Study Siddharth Tyagi Dr. Nirmal Kumar Gurbani
49 Study on Brand Attributes of Anti-TB Drugs Sudhanshu Gorai Dr. Sandeep Narual
50 Evaluation Study for Preference of Desvenlafaxine over Venlafaxine in Management of Emotional and Physical Symptoms Trilochan Dua Dr. Sandeep Narula
51 Employee Satisfaction in S .B. Consultants Vaishali Jamwal Mr. Abhishek Dhadhich
52 Advertisement Analysis of OTC Contraceptive Drugs I- Pill (Piramal Healthcare) and Unwanted-72 (Mankind) Vishal Saini Mr. Rahul Sharma