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postgraduate program in rural

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Challenges and Oppor tunities of Far mer Producer Company Aayush Jain Dr. Tanjul Saxena
2 Perspective of Consumer for Quality of Milk Abhishek Kumar Goyal Goutam Sadhu
3 Factors Affecting The Health or Urban Slum Dwellers in Jaipur, Rajasthan Abhishek Kumar Sinha Dr. Anoop Khanna
4 Conditions of Child Labor in Jaipur and its Nearby Areas Abhishek Trivedi Dr. Rahul Ghai
5 Perfor mance Assessment of Malnutrition Treatment Centre of District Hospital Banswara Aditya Kumar Sharma Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
6 Role of Rural Credit for Betterment of Life among Small/ Marginal Farmers in Rajasthan Bhanu Pratap Singh Chauhan Dr. Rahul Ghai
7 Impact Assessment of IWMP on Target Stakeholder in Managing Watershed Programmes in Bechraj Taluka, Mehsana District, Gujarat Deepali Solanki Dr. Susmit Jain
8 Evaluation of Refer ral System of Severel y Acute Malnourished (SAM) Children in Banswara District, Rajasthan Hemant Chaturvedi Dr. Rahul Ghai
9 Impact of Tourism on the Local Community of Mussoorie of District Dehradun, Uttarakhand Kapil Palsania Prof. Goutam Sadhu
10 Perception on Farmers about Organic Farming Lokesh Dhaked Dr. Anoop Khanna
11 Role of Anganwadi in Early Childhood Care Development Manali Ghoshal Dr. Rahul Ghai
12 Assessment of SHG on Potential Benefits from Seed Money under Integrated Watershed Management Program (IWMP), Gujarat" and "A Cost-Benefit Study on Entry Point Activities (EPA) Activities under IWMP" Megha Jhamb Dr. Susmit Jain
13 Study on Impact of Mobile Medical Units Services on Rural People Health Status in Jalore, Rajasthan Mukhtar Ahmed Prof. Goutam Sadhu
14 Work of Women Never Ends-Understanding Experiences of Working Women in Rural Areas of Jaipur District Pooja Saini Dr. Rahul Ghai
15 Study on Livelihood Patterns of Terracotta Potters of Molela in Rajsamand, Rajasthan Rajendar Godara Prof. Goutam Sadhu
16 Livelihood Patterns and Challenges of Vulnerable Communities with Special Reference to Women in Arid Region of Barmer, Rajasthan Rajesh Kumar Prasad Dr. Rahul Ghai
17 Copping with Climate Change: A Case Study of Sundarbans, West Bengal, India Rittika Brahmachri Goutam Sadhu
18 Impact Assessment of the Project Aimed at Improving Safe Drinking Water Accessibility through Promoting Resource Conservation Technology (RT-RWHS) in Merta City and Jayal Blocks of Nagaur District of Rajasthan Ritu Raj Rathore Dr. Rahul Ghai
19 Impact Assessment of Dairy Farming on the Socio- Economic Status of Farmers in Barmer, Rajasthan Sanket Gupta Goutam Sadhu
20 Understanding Challenges in Livelihoods of Marginal Communities in Bandikui Block of Dausa District, Rajasthan Tarun Singh Chauhan Dr. Rahul Ghai