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Postgraduate Program in Health

S.No. Title Student's Name Advisor
1 Study on GAP Analysis of Village Health and Nutrition Day in Majhagawan, Block of Satna District Abhishek Kumar Choudhary Dr. S.D. Gupta
2 Qualitative Study on the Assessment of Coordination Between Major Stakeholders for Kala Azar Program in Begusarai District of Bihar Abhishek Mishra Dr. P.R. Sodani
3 Assessment of the Knowledge Level of Anganwadi Workers on Growth Monitoring and Counseling Services under Integrated Child Development Scheme (ICDS) in 5 Block at Panchmahal District of Gujarat Adish Kumar Dr. Barun Kanjilal
4 Knowledge Attitude and Practice of Community on Kala Azar Control Activities in Araria District, Bihar Afaq Amir Ahmad Dr. Suresh Joshi
5 Knowledge of 55 Matrix of RMNCH+A among Health Workers in Dahod District, Gujarat Akshay Gupta Dr. Nutan P. Jain
6 Current Levels of Knowledge Among Anganwadi Workers About Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) and their Need to Training Programmes for Capacity Building Anita Suresh Mahajan Dr. Anoop Khanna
7 Assessment of the Knowledge Attitude and Practice (KAP) Amongst Staff Nurses (SN)/ Female Health Workers (FHW) Who have been Trained for Active Management of Third Stage of Labour (AMTSL) Ashish Kumar Tiwari Dr. Monika Chaudhary
8 Assessment of Health Seeking Behavior of Community in Relation to Maternal Newborn Child Health Nutrition (MNCHN), Under Mobile Health Unit Project in South District of Delhi Bhavna Nahata Dr. Neetu Purohit
9 Dipstick Survey to Assess the Market for Upcoming GMC Hospital in Dubai Chaitanya Acharya Dr. Alok Mathur
10 Fraudulent Claims and Their Role in Increase of Health Insurance Premium in India Chetan V T Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
11 Study on the Collaboration among the Partner Organizations Involved in the Project ARCADE RSDH (Asian Regional Capacity Development of Research on Social Determinants of Health) Dinansha Varshney Dr. Arindam Das
12 Factors Influencing Infant and Child Mortality Faheem Fatima Dr. J.P. Singh
13 Study on Knowledge About Mukhyamantri Amrutum (MA) Yojana Among Beneficiaries in U.N. Mehta Hospital, Ahmedabad: A Post Utilization Gaurav S. Mishra Dr. Shipli M. Sharma
14 Study of the Current Indent Process for Developing Standard Operating Procedure for Ambulances Based on Actual Consumption Himani Bishnoi Dr. Tanjul Saxena
15 Study on Child Immunization Coverage: Determinants and Barriers in Under Area of Surendranagar District Hirkani Subhash Madnaik Dr. Seema Mehta
16 Role of ASHA in Providing Home Base Newborn Care Services in District Kheda, Gujarat Kajal Chauhan Dr. S.D. Gupta
17 Evaluation of Adolescent Education Program in Chandigarh Keerti Jain Dr. P.R. Sodani
18 Intervention Research for Improving the Quality of Village Health & Nutrition Days (Mamta Diwas in Amreli District) Keshav Sharma Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
19 Extent of Access to Services, Entitlements and Social Benefits by the Families Living in Urban Slums of Agra, India Kriti Vishnoi Prof. Barun Kanjilal
20 Coverage Evaluation of Maternal Health Services in Dang District, Gujarat Kunal Chandrashekhar Pawar Dr. Suresh Joshi
21 Review of Supervisory Mechanisms for Indoor Residual Spray Strategy Under Kala-Azar Programme in (Vaishali) District, Bihar Mayure Gupta Dr. Nutan P. Jain
22 Study on Assessment of Village Health and Nutrition Day in Four Blocks of Jhabua District of Madhya Pradesh Meena Chavan Dr. Anoop Khanna
23 Comparative Study on Fertility Patterns and Factors Affecting the Fertility Rates in Magpara Urban Slum and Gokalpura Village of Mahesana Block in Mahesana District of Gujarat Megha Ranjan Dr. Monika Chaudhary
24 Study on Assessment of Postpartum Intrauterine Devices (PPIUCD) Trainings in Panchkula and Ambala (Haryana) Mukhmeet Kaur Dr. Neetu Purohit
25 Dipstick Survey to Assess the Market for Upcoming GMC Hospital in Dubai Nida Siddique Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
26 Study to Identify the Gaps in RMNCH+A Intervention at District Level in Dahod Gujarat Nidhi Gupta Dr. Arindam Das
27 Training Need Assessment of Services Providers in Managing Childhood Illness (IMNCI) in Porbandar District of Gujarat Niteen Maneelal Gujarathi Dr. J.P. Singh
28 Study on Process of Health Insurance Claims Preeti Pareek Dr. Shilpi Mishra Sharma
29 Situational Analysis of RMNCH+A at Aligarh District: A facility Based Survey Ratika Sharma Prof. Goutam Sadhu
30 Study on Issues and Concerns of Health Insurance: Third Party Administrator and Consumer Perspective Rekharani J. Sharma Dr. S.D. Gupta
31 Knowledge, Attitude and Practices a of Infant and Young Child Feeding Practices in Rajkot District, Gujarat Rohan N. Gheewala Dr. P.R. Sodani
32 Factors Determining the Utilization of Postnatal Care in Rural Areas of Bathanaha Block, Dist. Sitamarhi, Bihar Rohit Raina (P.T.) Dr. Buran Kanjilal
33 Study on Designing a Marketing Mix for Wellness Products Rujuta Sanap Dr. Suresh Joshi
34 Supervision Process of Anganwadi Centers in a Block Wadhvan of District Surendranagar in Gujarat: A Study Sankshipta Kanwar Dr. Nutan P. Jain
35 Study on Validation of Data Reported for Service Delivery by Anganwadi Centres in Amreli District Shiny Sam Varghese Dr. Anoop Khanna
36 Study on the Antibiotic Prescription by the Informal Health Care Providers in Ujjain District, Madhya Pradesh Shweta Khare Dr. Monika Chaudhary
37 Assessment of Onsite Coaching of Staff Nurses Sindoora Adulapuram Dr. Neetu Purohit
38 Assessment of Quality of Data Collected Under ICDS at Angawadi Centers Srikant R. Eritem Dr. Anoop Khanna
39 Study on the Assessment of Reason of Refusal for Indoor Residual Spray in Patna, Bihar Srutidhara Dhir Narendra Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur
40 Study of Consumption, Behavior and Awareness of Fast Food among Urban Students of Late Adolescent Age Group With Reference to BMI, Activity Profile and Socio- Economic Status Sugandha Gupta Dr. Vinod Kumar
41 To Assess the Oral Health Condition and It’s Relation with the Gastric Problems Due to Medication of the Chronic Illness among the Geriatric Population Swati Nigam Dr. Arindam Das
42 Study on Health Seeking Behavior of Kala Azar Patients: Health Providers and Patients Perspective in Patna District, Bihar Sweta Singh Dr. Shilpi M. Sharma
43 Current Strategies of Kala Azar Elimination Strength, Weakness, Opportunities, Challenges Tanvi Chauhan Dr. S.D. Gupta
44 Assessing the Factors Influencing Enrollment of Beneficiaries in Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS) Tonmoy Dutta Dr. P.R. Sodani
45 Study on Effectiveness of Factors for Strengthening of VHND, Rewa, Madhya Pradesh Venkatesh Irugulapati Prof. Goutam Sadhu
46 Study on Qualitative Assessment of Indoor Residual Spray During Kala-azar Elimination Program at Darbhanga District in Bihar Vikash Sharma Dr. Barun Kanjilal
47 Study on Assessment of the Knowledge of “Weekly Iron Folic Supplementation” Program among Adolescent Girls in Jamnagar District, Gujarat Vikram Singh Dr. Nutan P. Jain