Public Health Emergency Management

Public Health
Emergency Management

September 12-14,2022
Programme Coordinator: Dr. Sandesh Kumar Sharma


The programme prepares healthcare professionals, managers and administrative staff to understand and implement public health emergency management activities in their organizations.
The programme focuses on the study of basic concepts, principles, planning, objectives and purpose of public health emergencies the roles and responsibilities of the staff and the basic facilities required to meet the challenge of disasters and emergency response imparts knowledge related to the disaster including preparedness, mitigation and rehabilitation.
Disasters have existed ever since the existence of mankind and no community is immune to the emergencies caused by natural and manmade disasters. These events result in a number of deaths and injuries in the community along with widespread destruction of property, economic losses etc. and the community requires immediate assistance to overcome their effects. In this programme, you will learn the importance of the scientific management of public health emergency events. The recent example is COVID -19 and its emergency response for medical care. Besides relating disaster management at the district, state and national levels, we will also consider the need for disaster planning and the key issues involved in management. The programme is primarily focused on developing disaster plans, response actions, and issues in preparedness.

Programme Objectives

  • To Understand the concept of disaster and hazards.
  • To Describe the Provisions of the National Disaster Management Act.
  • To Describe the structures and Job functions of various officers and coordination. mechanisms under the Incident Response System.
  • To Describe the steps in District Disaster Management Plans.
  • To Understand the hospital emergency care and triage.
  • To Describe the management of ethical and psychological issues.
  • To Describe the steps of disaster risk communication.
  • To Prepare and train staff and institutional resources for optimal performance.
  • To Develop a hospital disaster plan and modalities for response action.

Programme Contents

  • Basic Concepts of Disaster Management.
  • National Disaster Management Act.
  • Incident Response System.
  • Hospital care and triage.
  • Objectives of Hospital Disaster Plan.
  • Disaster Committee.
  • Organizing Disaster Facilities.
  • Organizing Disaster Facilities.
  • Management of ethical and psychological issues.
  • Communications in disasters.
  • Operational preparedness of healthcare Organizations toward- COVID -19.
  • Hospitals Disaster Plan.

Who should attend?

The programme is meant for healthcare managers, doctors and nurses, state/district level officers, executives of hospital and healthcare organizations, researchers interested in Disaster Management and Preparedness issues and faculty of healthcare institutes.


The programme will use a mix of lectures by resource persons to introduce the lead concept and will encourage active interaction by the participants through classroom discussions, group work and presentations. The Programme will be conducted in English.

Resource Persons

  • Sandesh Kumar Sharma Dr. Sandesh Kumar Sharma
    Programme Coordinator Associate Professor, IIHMR University
  • Mahender Kumar Dr (Col) Mahender Kumar
    Professor and Dean IHMR and Proctor, IIHMR University
  • Vinod Kumar Dr. Vinod Kumar SV
    Professor and Dean In-charge,IIHMR University
  • Nutan Prabha Jain Dr. Nutan Prabha Jain
    Professor, IIHMR University
  • Neetu Purohit Dr. Neetu Purohit
    Professor, IIHMR University
  • Chirag Bhola Dr. Chirag Bhola
    Associate Professor, IIHMR University
  • Sudhinder Singh Chowhan Dr. Sudhinder Singh Chowhan
    Associate Professor, IIHMR University

Programme Fee

For Indian participants INR 24,750+18% GST and for international participants USD 462+18 % GST. The programme fee includes tuition, background reading material, lodging and boarding.


Early Bird Discount: Nominations received with payments before (upto August 12, 2022) will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.
Group Discount: Any organization sponsoring four or more participants in the programme will be entitled for a discount of 20% on the total fee payable provided that at least four participants attend the programme.
Maximum Discount: Organizations can avail themselves of both the discounts subject to a maximum discount of 20%.


The programme will be held at IIHMR University, Jaipur. IIHMR University is located near Jaipur International airport, Sanganer, Jaipur. The University campus provides a learning environment for the participants. The participants are welcome to use the library and recreational facilities at the campus.


A certificate of participation on completion of the programme will be issued by IIHMR University, Jaipur.

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