Medico-Legal Training for Healthcare Professionals

Medico-Legal Training for Healthcare Professionals
December, 12-16,2022
Programme Coordinator: Dr. Ashok Kumar Peepliwal


Medical Professionals specially doctors are second to God and save life of people with their medical expertise. The legitimacy runs parallelly with the medical profession and how the medico-legal issues could be resolved within the time frame is a major concern in the profession. Medico-legal cases are piling up in Consumer Courts for compensation due to medical negligence, malpractices, and case related problems, corporate negligence is also an issue that needs to be addressed, tackled at management level to safeguard medical professional, and avoiding litigation matters. Our experts from the different field of Law (Consumer Affairs, IPC-1860, CrPC-1973, PCPNDT-1994, MTP-1971, Forensic etc.) & Hospital Administration make the Medical Practitioners, Healthcare Entrepreneurs, Pharmaceutical Professionals & Nursing Professionals aware of various rules and regulations, Law Compliances, Good Documentation Practices, and various acts, are delivering the knowledge of law to safeguard the healthcare professionals during their practices. This training will be useful for healthcare professionals involved with the patient care and providing their services in hospitals. Healthcare professionals are naive in legislations related to healthcare profession in the areas of Indian Laws, Clinical Risk Management, Hospital Management, and Patient Safety as a part of their profession. Patient-doctor relationship based on the outcomes of the treatments given to patient and subsequent recovery of patient but if the safety of the patient is compromised inadvertently with an unwanted and irreversible injury, then litigation matter evolves is required to be controlled, handled, and resolved as per laws.
This program is designed to provide an adequate understanding of medico-legal documentation, informed consent process (what, when, how, why and for whom), medico-legal examination in cases of sexual assault, Medico-negligence, Doctor protections under law, Finger printing which may keep aloof to a medical practitioner from any lawsuit matters in future. The learning will be acquainted to deal with day-to-day medico-legal cases at individual level and hospital level as vicarious liability to sort out the medicolegal issues.
This acquired knowledge or skills will be further applied for the improvement of patient safety and care in a better way for the protection of doctors from any legal trials eloquently or innocently.

Programme Objectives

The main objective of the program is to focus on vital knowledge about the core medico-legal aspects of healthcare. It will enable health care professionals to imbibe the knowledge of law, proactive approach of litigation matters, law proceedings, protection, and precaution from adversity of medical profession under Indian Judiciary System. This training will provide a mix of teaching from experts and practitioners in the areas of law, governance, and medicine, by way of continuous interaction, case-study presentations, case proceedings, precautionary measures, compliance of healthcare rules & regulations under law decision analysis.


The training will include following medico-legal aspects of healthcare:

  • Introduction to the Legal System in Clinical Risk Management
  • Clinical Establishment Act 2010 and Healthcare Obligations
  • Medico-Legal Documentation in Healthcare Practice (PHC/CHC)
  • Patient Consent Process (Surgery, Mass Patient Screening, Clinical Trials, and other healthcare interventions)
  • Patient Safety and Quality issues under Law
  • Confidentiality and privacy of patient (Rights and Duties)
  • Medico Negligence case studies with judicial decisions (What, When, How and Why)
  • Violence against Doctors— Precaution and Prevention
  • Medico-Legal Case report (Obligation of hospital, Doctor and Nurse etc.)
  • Sexual Assault Legal Matters, Sidestepping, Safeguard, and Resolution
  • Role of Finger Printing in Medico-Legal Cases

Who should attend?

This program provides training for healthcare providers and those involved in healthcare and allied aspects of healthcare such as: Medical Professionals like Doctors, Nurses, Clinical tisk /Patient Safety Advisors/Managers Hospital /Directors, Administrators and others working in the fields of patient quality, health care lawyers, healthcare legal claims managers.


The teaching approach is to utilize substantive, case-study, and an interactive style to learning with as practical as possible input from lecturers who are specifically required to draw from their professional expertise in the fields of litigation, insurance,consenting, claims handling and other areas of medical law and ethics. Learning is acquired through open discussion of professional topics, case study analysis and live interaction.

Resource Persons

Programme Fee

The programme fee for Indian participants is INR 41,250 + 18% and for International Participants: USD 770 + 18% GST. The programme fee includes tuition, background reading material, lodging and boarding.


Early Bird Discount: Nominations received with payments on before 4-weeks will be entitled to an early bird discount of 10%.
Group Discount: Any organization sponsoring four or more participants to the programme will be entitled for a discount of 20% on the total fee payable provided that at least four participants attend the programme.
Maximum Discount: Organization can avail themselves of both the discounts subject to maximum discount of 20%.


The programme will be held at IIHMR University,Jaipur. IIHMR University is located near Jaipur International airport,Sanganer, Jaipur. The University campus provides a learning environment to the participants. The participants are welcome to use the library and recreational facilities at the campus.


A certificate of participation on the completion of the Programme will be issued by the IIHMR University, Jaipur, India.

Contact Us

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