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CIR Activities


Title: Helmet and Seatbelt use in Rajasthan: Observed usage rates and Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (Completed)

The Center for Road Safety at the Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Rajasthan has started implementing a project after this baseline study to improve road safety in the state of Rajasthan, India through legislative revision followed by advocacy for increased helmet use. The IIHMR University, Jaipur conducted the baseline evaluation of the project and collected data on helmet and seatbelt use and knowledge, attitude and practices associated with these two risk factors in all seven divisional headquarters of Rajasthan.

The study indicated that in Rajasthan, about 39% of the two wheeler drivers were observed wearing helmet correctly with highest rate in Jaipur division (62.7%) and lowest rate in Bharatpur division (15%). Less than 12% of the pillion riders were observed to wear helmet correctly, with Jaipur at highest rate (41.2%) and Kota at lowest rate (0.1%).The percentage of motorcycle drivers who self-reported to always wear helmet was 55% in the State. In urban areas, 61% motorcycle drivers reported that they always wear helmet, while 41% in rural and 56% in highway responded similarly. Further almost 66% female and 54% male drivers reported to always wear helmet. When asked about top five reasons to always wear a helmet, a little more than two third of the participants reported that they wear helmet because it can save their life, a little less than half of them were of the opinion that it is required by law, one third told that they wear helmet in order to prevent fine by police. Less than one fourth reported that they wear helmet to protect themselves from weather and 2% reported that their family members force them to wear helmet.

In the State, one third of drivers and one fourth of front seat passengers were observed to wear seatbelt. Across the divisions, drivers wearing seatbelt were found highest (70%) in Jaipur and lowest in Bharatpur (8%). Overall 54% of the respondents reported that they always use seatbelt. Half of the female reported that they always use seatbelt, whereas males who reported that they always use seatbelt were 54%. Respondents on highway who always use seatbelt were about 58%. In urban area about 55% reported that they always wear seatbelt. Among those who self reported to always use seatbelt about two third reported that it can save their life, a little more than two fifth reported that it is required by law and two fifth reported that they wear because police can fine them. 4% reported that the car will not stop beeping if they don’t wear seatbelt.

Title: Study on Burn Injuries in Rajasthan (Ongoing)

Burn injury is a leading cause of disability and death worldwide, and proper interventions could reduce mortality and severity of disability related to burn injury. Epidemiological study on burn injuries and exploration of the risk factors in different regions is important for designing preventive intervention. Considering the importance of the issue, the Centre for Injury Research, IIHMR University initiated a  retrospective study on Burn Injury on the patients that had been admitted during 2015 in SMS Medical college, Jaipur, Rajasthan. The objective of this study is to develop an understanding about the predominant causes and patterns of burn injury, including the demographic factors like – age, sex, caste, religion, economic status, level of education, income level and employment. The data analysis is in process. The study is expected to provide important inputs for effective prevention and management of burn injuries. The study will also lead to research papers for publication.


Training and Capacity Building

A Training session was conducted for the students of MBA (Health, Hospital, Rural and Pharma) of IIHMR on preparing IEC Materials for awareness generation regarding road safety during February 2016. The training was facilitated by Dr. Alok Mathur, Associate Professor, IIHMR University and around 120 students participated in the programme. The students were not only sensitized on the road safety issues, but also acquired skills for developing IIHMR material on the issue at the community level.

Glimpse of IEC Material Developed by Students





  • Active participation of Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur, coordinator, CIR-IIHMR University in State level meetings about the helmet advocacy for motorcycle riders in the state of Rajasthan, conducted by Centre for road safety, Sardar Patel University of police, security and criminal justice, Jodhpur on 30-6-2015.
  • Dr. Alok Kumar Mathur, attended workshop on benefits of helmet use, conducted by Centre for road safety, Sardar Patel University of police, security and criminal justice, Jodhpur.
  • Mr Ashish participated in the state level workshop on road safety organized by Ministry of Road Transport & Highways, Govt. of India, New Delhi, Transport Department, Govt. Of Rajasthan and Centre for Road Safety SPUP on 28th December 2016 at Auditorium, SIAM, Durgapura Jaipur.