IIHMR University is a specialized research University in management research, postgraduate education and training in the health sector. The University aims to generate new knowledge and technologies to provide evidence and inputs for developing effective policies and health interventions and strategies. 
Campus of IIHMR University

The University offers MBA, MPH (in collaboration with JHU), doctoral programs, executive education, research and consultancy in the fields of hospital management, health management, pharmaceutical management, rural management, and a variety of fields related to the health sector.

It has a unique organizational culture that enshrines core values and ethos of autonomy, accountability, openness, and transparency. The interdisciplinary teams of faculty and research staff constitute an enabling environment for learning, professional growth and development. 

Hostel of IIHMR University

The faculty is multi-disciplinary that represents public health, management, economics, statistics, demography, social and behavioural sciences, rural development, and pharmaceutical sector.

The University has collaborations with major universities and institutions like Johns Hopkins University, USA; Chester University, UK; University of Montreal, Canada; Curtin University, Australia; and BP Koirala Institute of Public Health, Nepal.

The Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, Government of India identified it as ‘Institute of Excellence’ for its significant contribution to strengthening health systems by promoting and conducting health policy and program management, research, training and capacity building. Over the past three and half decades, the University is engaged in research, education and capacity building in the core areas of Public Health, Health and Hospital Management, Pharmaceutical Management, Health Economics and Finance, Population and Reproductive Health, Rural Management, Institutional Networking and capacity building.