About CIIE

History has witnessed entrepreneurs who brought a transformation in society by generating creative and innovative ideas and their pragmatic implementation. The Centre for Innovation, Incubation and Entrepreneurship (CIIE) at IIHMR University, Jaipur, is one of the initiatives to teach entrepreneurial skills to the people and development of thought processes linked with societal benefits.  CIIE is established to make an apparent contribution in the field of start-ups, business ventures, and intrapreneurship. At CIIE, we aspire to be known as a renowned platform where faculty, students, alumni, professionals, industry leaders, and policymakers work together, learn, and innovate.  They work on solving and managing a business problem and make the venture a sustainable and viable business.

We have experienced and learned entrepreneurship educators who bring competent and multi-disciplinary skills and expertise to create a great team to educate students, conduct research, outreach programs, forming associations with various bodies, and develop an entrepreneurial eco-system. We are a young organization, and we know what requires fostering an entrepreneurial venture from seed funding to knowledge dissemination.  


Creation of a dynamic IIHMR community with a pervasive entrepreneurial and innovative culture and nationwide reputation for entrepreneurial educational leadership


The mission of CIIE is to contribute to the entrepreneurial ecosystem by transforming innovative ideas into successful entrepreneurial ventures. We aim to provide the opportunities and resources for facilitating a meaningful captivation in entrepreneurial ventures. It aims to promote and support entrepreneurial learning among the IIHMR community, nurture startups and conduct research to advance knowledge of the policy and practice of managing ventures in Rajasthan and beyond.


The objective of the centre is to motivate students by creating an entrepreneurial environment and vibrant eco-system in IIHMR University campus to make students comfortable in doing the following:

  • Lateral Approach to search for the solution of an existing problem
  • Capacity enhancement for students, start-ups aspiring to be entrepreneurs
  • Creation and dissemination of research-based knowledge
  • Providing mentoring support to startup mentees
  • Engaging with business, government, society to contribute and promote entrepreneurship
  • Catalyze and promote the development of affordable and innovative product and solution with social impact goals
  • Foster linkages between academia, Industries, R&D institutions, and other related organizations with national/global expertise for enabling commercialization and global competitiveness.

Expected Outcomes

  • Creation of entrepreneurial ecosystem on campus
  • Motivating students to start their campus companies/ventures (Job seekers – Job Creators)
  • Experiential and real-time learning for students
  • Inculcating risk ability & developing entrepreneurial skills and mindset.
  • Initiating Incubation Process on Campus