The SPM is committed to shaping management education, research, and training for the pharmaceutical sector, and works closely with change-makers in this critical space impacting the health of people everywhere.

Offered Programmes

The School of Pharmaceutical Management was launched to provide a vibrant ecosystem for MBA in Pharmaceutical Management, one of the pioneering initiatives of IIHMR University.

600+ Professionals Trained each year

300+ Trainings days invested in a year

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This educational programme aims at developing trained professional managers with requisite skills in planning and management techniques; diagnosing and solving management problems; and acquiring consultancy skills, with a view to preparing them to manage pharmaceutical industrial units. The programme with its relevance and importance in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industry has been successful in providing placements to many students around India.

In addition to graduating MBA and doctoral students, this School conducts extensive research, training programs, and serves the following mission:

The success of the MBA in Pharmaceutical Management is largely the result of the cutting-edge research and training being conducted in the School of Pharmaceutical Management, which now serves as the point of convergence of industry leaders, policy makers, and a variety of industrial groups such as the OPPI.MR is dedicated to the improvement in standards of health through better management of health care and related programs. It seeks to accomplish this through management research, training, consultation and institutional networking in a national and global perspective.


  • Design and Conduct Management Training for Health Sector
  • Networking and Institutional Capacity Development
  • Management Research, Education and Training
  • Project Management and interventions
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Operations Research and Evaluation Study
  • Survey Research
  • Health Sector Reforms
  • Social Assessment
  • Programme Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance

Message from the Dean-SPM

The global and the Indian Pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a paradigm shift towards changing business representations, expanding strategic partnerships, resourced revenue models. The pharma is becoming a continually evolving arena with each progressing day, catering to the needs and aspirations of the consumers and the patients in providing advanced medications and healthcare for effective cure of diseases.

Dr. Saurabh Kumar
Dean, SPM
IIHMR University, Jaipur

Research @ IIHMR

Research has been at the core of IIHMR university since its inception in thirty five years of its existence.

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