Institutional Review Board

The main role of the committee is to review the research proposal and grants from ethics perspectives of research on human subjects. The committee will follow the Indian Council of Medical Research Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Subjects. The Committee may also invite Institutional Review Board registered with U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (IORG0007355), if required.


The Committee is dedicated to ensuring three principles of respect, beneficence, and justice Health Management Research endeavors.


The health management research conducted at IIHMR is directed towards the increase of knowledge, conducted under conditions that no person(s) become mere means for the betterment for researchers, professional fair treatment and transparency; and consistent with the persons dignity and wellbeing thatthey are placed at no greater risk. The outcome(s) of the research are applied for community benefits at large.

Quality of research work needs to be improved, not only scientifically but from the human rights perspectives, protecting dignity, rights and welfare of research participants and the safety of researchers. One of the objectives of the Committee is to contribute to the effective (quality and consistent) ethical review mechanism for health and population research,

IIHMR University is committed to protect research participants and improve the quality of research. The basic responsibility of the Committee is to ensure a competent review of all ethical aspects of the project proposals received by it in an objective manner. The Committee will provide advice to the researchers on all aspects of the welfare and safety of the research participants. The Committee follows primarily the Ethical Guidelines for Biomedical Research on Human Participants (2006) of ICMR. The responsibilities of the Committee can be defined as follows:

  • To ensure a competent scientific/technical review along with all ethical aspects of the project proposals received by it in an objective manner
  • To protect the dignity, rights and well being of the potential research participants;
  • To ensure that universal ethical values and international scientific standards are expressed in terms of local community values and customs; and
  • To assist in the development and the education of a research community responsive to local health care requirements

Guidelines of ethics and Review of Research

Institutional Review Board committee

S.No. Member Name and Designation Expertise Area Role
1 Dr. Sanjay Gupta,
Professor and Acting HoD
Department of Epidemiology
NIHFW, New Delhi
Public Health Chair
2 Dr. Sayeed Unisa,
Professor & Head
Department of Mathematical Demography
& Statistics, International Institute for Population Sciences,
Reproductive Health Adolescent Health Member
3 Dr. Damodar Sahoo,
Department of Epidemiology & Behavioural Science,
National Institute of Medical Statistics,
Indian Council of Medical Research, New Delhi
Medical Statistics Member
4 Mr. Umesh Saraswat,
Legal Expert Member
5 Ms. Neeru Khangarot,
Project Manager
BCT- Jaipur
NGO Representative Member
6 Dr. Sandesh Kumar Sharma,
Associate Professor
IIHMR University
Hospital Management Member
7 Dr. Arindam Das,
Dean- Research,
IIHMR University
Demography Member
8 Dr. Piyusha Majumdar,
Assistant Professor,
IIHMR University
Anthropology Member
9 Dr. Kajal Sitlani,
Assistant Professor,
IIHMR University
Human Resource
Management &
Member Secretary

The Board will be in operation for a period of two years with effect from October 20,2021 'The main role of the committee will be to review the research proposals and grants from ethics perspectives of research on human subjects. The committee will follow the ICMR's Ethical guidelines for biomedical and social health research on human subjects. The committee may also invite a special invitee if required.