Summer Training

An 8-week summer training is a compulsory course requirement of the two-year MBA Programme (HM, PM & DM). Every student of the course is expected to work in the industry for a period of 8 weeks, during the summer months of April and June, after completing the first year of the academic programme.

The purpose of the summer training is to give students an opportunity to apply management concepts learned during the first year to a live project, so that they can better understand and analyse real world business problems. The training also serves to give students a flavour of the industry they are working in, which helps them in taking decisions about their long-term career paths, while also giving company a chance to evaluate candidates in a more relaxed environment and find the right fit for their company.

Selection is typically based on personal interviews on campus / Online as per the company’s inclination. The summer trainee is allotted a faculty mentor of the institution and works under the counsel of a company executive (company project guide) who supervises and evaluates the performance of the student during his/her summer training and sends feedback on the same to the institution. The summer trainee needs to submit a summer training report as per summer training guidelines and a poster presentation.

Duration of Summer Training : 8 weeks

Timelines 2021-23 : 11 April 2021- 03 June 2021

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