Placement Process

  • Invitations are sent out to companies/organizations a few weeks before the placement season, by IIHMR-U placement representatives.
  • Companies interested in recruiting from IIHMR University, Jaipur are requested to fill up the Job Notification Form Job Notification Form (JNF) and forward the same to
    The following information is requested to be made available by the companies/organizations:
    • Number of vacancies
    • Location of assignment
    • Compensation and perks
    • Eligibility criteria
    • Job description
  • JNF (Job Notification Form), along with additional information and job description provided by the companies/organizations, is made available to the students.
  • Interested students will register and their resumes are made available to the concerned company via the online portal or shared database.
  • Campus recruitment dates are allotted to the respective companies through mutual understanding.
  • After the final round of interview, as an initial understanding of successful process completion, IIHMR University, Jaipur would require a list of selected students along with a copy of offer letters for the selected students.
  • IIHMR-U acts as the sole correspondence/communication medium for all companies. Offer letters and any other requests forwarded through the body will help uphold the professional sanctity of the process and avoid any confusion.
  • By communicating the joining date, a level of transparency is maintained and also the institute helps play a role in assisting the students regarding any administrative formalities specified by the companies.