CIR Introduction

The Centre for Injury Research (CIR) was created to better understand, and facilitate injury prevention and control in India and South Asia. This is a critically important centre, since injuries are now one of the leading causes of death and disability around the world, with a greater proportion of burden falling on low and middle income countries. In India, injuries lead to more than 1.1 million deaths and are associated with more than 61 million disability-adjusted life years (DALYs) each year, which constitute more than 20% of the global deaths and DALYs due to injuries each year (IHME, 2013). This accounts for about 12 percent of all deaths. Road traffic injuries are the most common type of injuries and were the tenth leading cause of years of life lost in India in 2013. Efforts to understand and prevent injuries in India do not match the scale of the problem. Non-communicable diseases (53.4%) and injuries (11.8%) now constitute the bulk of India’s disease burden. National Health Programmes for non-communicable diseases are very limited in coverage and scope. The disease conditions (primarily communicable) for which national programmes do provide universal coverage account for less than 10% of all mortalities and only for about 15% of all morbidities. Clearly, there is a growing need to conduct research to enhance understanding of injury epidemiology, identify interventions to mitigate impact of injuries, develop programme strategies to increase the reach of these interventions, and to build capacity for independent research on injuries in India. The aimsof CIR are borne out of this need.

Specifically, the key activities and objectives of the CIR are as follows:

  • To train a critical mass of scientists, health professionals and academics in the principles of injury prevention and control
  • To conduct research on injury epidemiology, interventions and programme implementation strategies to prevent and minimize the burden of injuries in India. Research studies will be important to expand the injury research literature from India and provide locally relevant examples of interventions and implementation strategies.
  • To raise awareness and facilitate dialog among public health professionals as well as the general public in India about the importance of injury research in India. This will help to improve understanding, support and generate viable funding for injury research in India.
  • To foster collaboration among injury researchers and other stakeholders within India and establish linkages with the global injury research community. This is critical because injury research requires joint learning and sharing of ideas across disciplines and institutions.

The members of the CIR include:

  • Dr. Anoop Khanna, Director
  • Dr. Nutan Prabha Jain, Member
  • Dr. Alok Mathur, Member
  • Mr. Aashish Bandhu, Member

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