Computer Lab

The Computer Center is well equipped with state-of-the-art computing resources to cater to the need of the academic as well as administrative activities of the University. The center has adequate infrastructure and is working round the clock throughout the year. Besides providing support to the ongoing activities of the university in research, teaching, training, and consultancy, the center is actively engaged in software development in the field of health and hospitals.

The IT Center has many prominent features including the latest servers, as many as the latest computers, laptops, laser printers, video conference facility, interactive classrooms, LCD Projectors, online UPS, email server, technically competent software, and hardware professionals. The center runs on the cloud-based campus agreement with Microsoft which allows using different Microsoft packages for academics. Apart from this, the center also has statistical packages (SPSS, STATA, ATLAS. Ti), ARC GIS, Microsoft  Office, Antivirus software. Apart from this, it has perpetual software licenses and dedicated hardware for managing e-learning courses.

The center has fiber optic based wired and Wi-Fi based wireless local area network connecting nodes throughout the campus. The center is outfitted with windows server and other servers for better communication and interconnection at the internal and external levels.

Fast speed internet access is available with the help of a dedicated (1:1) Lease line. Internet facility is made available to the staff, students, and training participants for external communication and global exposure to research and training. The use of the internet is closely monitored by a powerful Unified Threat Management appliance fulfilling the norms of the Ministry of Communication and IT (DoT, Gol).

All the departments of the University like the Academic, Stores, Accounts, Purchase, Hostels, and Personnel are fully computerized. Well qualified team is available in developing and managing internal, external software package and research tools. The research tools are developed using specific technologies for the effective use of computer science in the domain of Public Health.

To promote transparency, accountability and fair judgment in all the academic and related activities IIHMR University has recently adopted ERP. Students are requested to use ERP for their day to day activities. All the students are shared with their usernames and password to access their profile, academic calendar, attendance, homework assignment, official notices, examination admit card, and term marks. Students can access ERP portal by

Another important digital app CollPoll has been introduced in the University. The orientation of CollPoll has been conducted. Basic features presently available in CollPoll are: Help center, Poll and Quiz, Notices, Feeds. Many more features like Placement will be introduced soon and will be available to the students. Students can log in with their IIHMR email id and password. One can use it on their mobile as well as on a desktop browser. Students can access it through https:/

The center acts as a central nervous system ensuring efficient digital operations and giving life to every activity of the University.