Our Recruiters

In a world where competition grows by the minute and multiplies by the hour, placements have become a yardstick for excellence. IIHMR University, Jaipur is widely considered to be one of best in the country in this respect and that is testimony to the quality of its students and the strength of our corporate relationships that have been built over the years. Students at the institute enjoy the varied kaleidoscope and are exposed to a variety of functional areas and sectors. Job locations encompass the globe, and the list just goes on increasing every year. Hospitals, Start-ups, Organisation from Different Sectors like Consulting, Analytics, Pharmaceutical, Public Health, Digital Health, Homecare and Development all come down to pick up the brightest minds every year.

In our desire to be the best we have always believed in building everlasting bonds with our corporate partners. Excellence they say flows beyond boundaries and we at IIHMR University, Jaipur believes the journey has just begun as we strive to scale new heights and, in the process, explore uncharted terrains. The recent years have witnessed several new companies on campus.

For any further information please write to: placements@iihmr.edu.in