Leadership Team

With the help of our well-informed leadership team, we've created curricula for modern entrepreneurship that is socially conscious, and purpose-driven. Learn more about the work and values of the instrumental people who defined CIIE's guiding principles.

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Mahavir Pratap Sharma
Chairman TiE Global,
TiE India Angels
RAIN Rajasthan
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Mrs. Sheenu Jhawar
Director, Apex Hospitals
Founder and Director,
ACE Vision Health Consultants
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Geoffrey Clements
Chairman at Commonwealth
Infrastructure Partners, UK
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Vivek Joshi
Investment Advisors
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Prof. Vishal Gupta
Associate Professor, IIMA
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Arun Kumbhat
Advisor, ACCESS Health Digital
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Manish Harodia
Farmer in Residence, Ninjacart
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Manushree Khandelwal
Founder, Femora
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Dr. Neelam Saxena
Professor & Head Amity Centre
for Incubation, Amity University, Noida
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Vikas Gupta
Retail-Tech Venture