The SDS was created to serve as a bridge between cutting-edge research on issues of development, and the burgeoning network of civil society organizations and development agencies (including governmental, CSR, and multilateral agencies) functioning in India and abroad.

Offered Programmes

The School of Development Studies (SDS) seeks to engage with dynamic realities to deepen the understanding of the issues related to ongoing development transformation of India.

600+ Professionals Trained each year

300+ Trainings days invested in a year

School of development studies at IIHMR
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The School of Development Studies seeks to address the challenges of sustainable development in the face of persisting poverty in specific geographies, widening inequalities, new dynamics and interdependencies between ‘rural’ and ‘urban’, political and xenophobic conflict, and irreversible climate change. Of special focus for the School are the challenges of understanding the dynamics unleashed by India’s adoption of policies of economic liberalization, macro shifts associated with the advent of globalization that have resulted in multiple disruptions wherein substantive meaning of democracy, good governance, political freedom, pluralism and humanism remain fiercely contested subjects in today's world.

Within the IIHMR University the School of Development Studies is committed to develop a robust culture of inter disciplinary reflection and inquiry by engaging with multiple disciplines, their exclusivities and overlaps in constituting the complex field of ‘development’.

Through its research and teaching activities, the SDS seeks to engage with dynamic realities to deepen the understanding of these issues, and develop grounded and meaningful responses for better policy formulation and effective program delivery to foster the health and well-being of humanity at large.


  • Design and Conduct Management Training for Development Sector
  • Networking and Institutional Capacity Development
  • Management Research, Education and Training
  • Project Management and interventions
  • Economic and Financial Analysis
  • Operations Research and Evaluation Study
  • Survey Research
  • Social Assessment
  • Program Evaluation
  • Quality Assurance

Thrust Areas

  • 01

    Water Sanitation and Health (WASH)

  • 02

    Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE)

  • 03

    Internal Migration and Informal Economy- Labour and Enterprises

  • 04

    Agrarian Economy, Agribusiness Markets - Cooperatives and Farmer Producer Organisations

  • 05

    Innovations and Sustainable systems

  • 06

    Higher Education and Community based research and societal responsibility

  • 07

    Education for Sustainable Development

Research @ IIHMR

Research has been at the core of IIHMR university since its inception in thirty five years of its existence.

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