Placement at a Glance

“Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.”

IIHMR University, Jaipur- A Pioneer in Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and Development Studies, has always been the first choice of the leading organization for recruitment. We are proud to announce that our most of the students have secured excellent placements with public and corporate health organizations at national and international level.
Placement at IIHMR University
A Well- Defined Placement Process
  • During the academic session, the University offers a platform for placements in which major recruiters are invited for campus placements.
  • Top companies from all over the world are invited to recruit students from various specializations in Hospital and Health Management, Pharmaceutical Management and Development Studies.
  • IIHMR is proud of its industry relationships and works hard to ensure that they are mutually beneficial.

Placements have always been instrumental in recognizing the potential of students, and it is the goal of the entire IIHMR community to inculcate critical - technical and non-technical knowledge in students, to enable them to meet the changing needs of the industry.

Complete Pre-Placement Guidance
  • The Placements Cell works dedicatedly with faculty and alumni to prepare students for a rewarding placement season.
  • Guidance on developing clear and unique resumes, regular technical and non-technical training, conducting mock interviews and group discussions, hosting aptitude tests, and mentoring sessions by alumni to help them succeed in interviews.
  • They gain hands-on experience by interacting with our large network of alumni through webinars and sessions such as 'Know Your Alumni' and "Masterclass Sessions" from leading industry experts.
  • The team also organizes various events, fairs, and workshops to help the students understand the corporate culture and deal effectively with the pressure of placements.
Alumni Mentoring Programme
  • The Alumni Mentoring Program is a unique initiative launched at IIHMR, University, Jaipur.
  • Through this program the students connect with the alumni who serve both as a guide and a source of inspiration.
  • Under this programme, we invite our alumni from all over the world and from various fields to interact with students and help them build their network and gain a fresh perspective on the possibilities open to them after graduation.
  • The alumni with their vast repository of personal experiences help to improve the insights among the students into diverse aspects of life including academics, extra-curricular, professional life after college or the general way of life.

Placements Process

Invitations sent out to various organizations weeks before the placement season, by IIHMR-U placement representatives
Admission Policy Companies desirous of recruiting from IIHMR University, Jaipur are requested to fill up the job notification form Job Notification Form (JNF) and forward the same to
JNF (Job Notification Form), along with the job description provided by the organizations, is made available to the students.
Interested students will register for the profile with their resume and which can be shared with the company concerned through the online portal.
The dates of campus recruitment are allotted to the concerned by mutual understanding.
After the final round of interview, IIHMR University, Jaipur will require the list of selected students as well as a copy of the offer letters of the selected students.
IIHMR-U acts as the sole communication channel for all organisations. The offer letter and any other request forwarded through the body will help in maintaining the professional sanctity of the process and avoid any confusion.
By communicating the joining date, a level of transparency is maintained as well as the institute plays a role in assisting the students with respect to any administrative formalities specified by the companies.

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