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Lessons in Marketing - The Kind Not Taught in Business Schools

Lessons in Marketing - The Kind Not Taught in Business Schools session held on 2nd March 2022 organized by IIHMR University partnered with ACIC - BMU , facilitator Mr. Vikas Gupta Co-Founder – 9.9 Group Marketing professional , 35 years of experience in consumer marketing and sales.

National Science Day

On the eve of National Science Day, Institution Innovation Council of IIHMR University celebrated it with Online Quiz Competition in association with Hansraj College DU, BML Munjal University, TERI School of Advanced Studies and MIET Meerut.
The quiz consisted of 2 rounds. For those registered, there was a prequalifying round. The prequalifying round took place on online platform on 25th February. This was an elimination round to select the top 5 teams for final round to be held on February 28. The pre qualifier round included questions from various categories of science. It was attended by 32 teams from different institutions. Every team included 3-5 members. Top five teams with highest scores reached the finals. There was lot of excitement and team gave tough competition to each other.
Congratulations to all the participants for taking part in Health Next - National Science Quiz Competition, and kudos to the teams for achieving various positions in the competition. We congratulate, Team JC Bose for securing the first position, Team Alternative Hypothesis for securing the second position, and Team Quizzes Buzzies for securing the third position Our best wishes to all for the future upcoming competitions. We hope to see such enthusiastic participation and support from all.
We Appreciate Team Udgam for the great initiative to celebrate National Science day with an awesome quiz.

First Global Entrepreneurship Catalyst Symposium

The First Global Entrepreneurship Catalyst Symposium 2022, An Initiative of (Founder of CGM Training and Consulting), Cape Town, South Africa with partner institution IIHMR University successfully conducted held on 26th-27th Feb with a whole lot of enthusiasm and surely inspired many. All Session Chair, Renowned speakers graced us with their valuable knowledge and expertise in their respective fields. The entire session was filled with brilliant ideas and visions which surely left us with nothing but ounces of motivation, the urge to fulfil our dreams and encouraged us to not worry about our failures, we only have to be right once after all.
After a power pact Day 1, The First Global Entrepreneurship Catalyst Symposium 2022 successfully conducted Day 2 held on 27th Feb and left us wanting for more of such incredible sessions. our very dear Dr. Sheenu Jain closed the day by thanking the dignitaries and inspiring us as always to never stop reaching for our dreams.

Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design

The Workshop held on February 25,2022 Organized by IIHMR University & Acropolis Institute of Technology and Research, Indore.
The workshop facilitator Dr. Sheenu Jain, who is also a thinking design expert.
Dr. Sheenu started a session with a question, what is Design Thinking? What comes in your mind when you think of design thinking? She started on note that are you facing challenges that are not easily addressed through a conventional problem-solving approach? Do you need to stimulate innovation? She encouraged audience to respond. She explained in a lucid manner about Design Thinking. She said, Design Thinking is a creative approach to problem-solving that brings together empathy, curiosity, and teamwork. It is a mindset that every problem can be addressed.
She said, pioneered by the famous design company IDEO, Design Thinking is an approach to problem-solving that puts the needs of the end user at the heart of the problem-solving process. Design Thinking is now commonly used in business, international development, non- profit, education and more.
In her anecdotal style she narrated various examples, and showed some cases. This intensive workshop guided students through the methodology, tools, applications combining theory with a lot of hands-on practical examples. Students enjoyed this workshop and had lots of questions in the end. Dr. Anita Mahajan proposed vote of thanks in the end.

Understanding Startup Valuation : How to prepare your first valuation

Session started with an Introduction of Keynote speaker Mr. Jatin Srivastava, Then he talked on startup valuations about startups phase in India and all the terminologies used accordingly and how to prepare for the valuations for the startups and entrepreneurs. The session was anchored by Dr. Divya Khanduri and the moderator for the event was Dr. Prashant Sharma who is an associate professor in IIHMR University.
Mr. Jatin discussed the stages of funding and the related issues for the start-ups. Types of fundings, various valuation methods were discussed in depth and in detail by him. It was an interesting session given by sir as it captivated the audience’s attention completely. The session was open to discussion where participants asked several doubts and their personal experiences which were resolved and heard by Mr. Jatin with full conviction.
Dr. Sheenu Jain too added to the discussion with Mr. Jatin on starts ups and valuation and the session was concluded with a thankyou note from Dr. Prashant and Dr. Divya Khanduri on marking of a successful session.