The School of Digital Health will be developed under the aegis of IIHMR University, Jaipur. The School of Digital Health will be headed by the Dean. The Dean of the School of Digital Health will report to the President of IIHMR University.

Digital Health refers to the application of information and communication technologies (digitally) to improve the efficiency of health care by enhancing availability, accessibility, and affordability which leads to more personalized care for patients. 

600+ Professionals Trained each year

300+ Trainings days invested in a year

The School of Digital Health will focus on developing future leaders and building the capacity of human resources in digital technology for the better health of the population. The School of Digital Health will support building IIHMR University's vision in improving standards of health through better management of health care and related programs.


The objectives of the School of Digital Health are as follows:

  • To prepare next-generation leaders and managers for digital health and healthcare analytics.
  • To generate new knowledge through research for evidence-based policy formulation and program management.
  • To develop knowledge products and academic programs in analytics and digital health.
  • To solve managerial problems by application of digital technologies for better health
  • To develop partnerships and collaboration to establish visibility by combining the relative strengths of different stakeholders including government and non-governmental organisations, academic institutions, and networks.

Thrust Areas

  • 01

    Internet of Things

  • 02

    Artificial Intelligent

  • 03

    Analytics for Healthcare

  • 04

    Data Science

  • 05

    Digital Health

  • 06

    Visual Analytics

  • 07

    Data Analytics

  • 08

    Machine Learning

  • 09

    Big Data

  • 10

    Deep Learning

  • 11

    Advanced Statistical Methods

  • 12

    Predictive Analytics

Certificate Course on Digital Health

  • Duration of the programme

    6 months

  • Credit

    5 Credit

  • Time commitment

    10 Days Residency

    60 Hours

    Online Classes

    22 Hours


    82 Hours


The School of Digital Health will engage in improving the global capacity to conduct research and strengthen the evidence base for digital health. A doctoral program will be offered for researchers interested in engaging in research in the area of digital health/digital transformation.

Digital health research has the potential to advance the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to support health systems globally, focusing on the needs of people and health systems.
The digital health research will help to enhance existing health service delivery models, strengthen integrated, people-centred health services, and contribute to improved population health, and health equity, including gender equality.

Partnerships and Collaborations

IIHMR University has strong collaboration with Johns Hopkins University, USA; Chester University, UK; University of Montreal, Canada; Management and Science University (MSU) Malaysia; and Rajasthan University of Health Sciences for academic advancement, student exchange, faculty exchange, and joint research programs. The School of Digital Health will maximize the impact of both new and existing partnerships and collaborations of IIHMR University in the wider digital health ecosystem.

In addition, the School of Digital Health will encourage partnerships and collaboration to establish visibility by combining the relative strengths of different stakeholders including government and non-governmental organizations, academic institutions, and networks to promote the use of digital technologies for universal health coverage.


The School of Digital Health will offer Management Development Programs for working professionals comprising of one-week to two-week duration in the following areas:

  • Digital Health
  • Artificial Intelligent in Healthcare
  • Analytics for Healthcare Analytics
  • Visual Analytics
  • Predictive Analytics

The School of Digital Health will offer services to design and conduct Custom Training Programs for interested organizations as per their training needs. The training programs will be useful for professionals working with governmental agencies, and non-governmental agencies (for-profit and not-for-profit). The training programs will be offered on-campus as well as off-campus and in-person as well as online mode.

Executive Education Programs

The School of Digital Health will offer executive education programs for working professionals comprising certificate courses of varied duration. To start, the School of Digital Health will offer a Certificate Course on Digital Health. The course is designed to impart training to healthcare professionals working with the public health sector, development sector, private hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies to develop an understanding of digital health transformations and innovations in enhancing the performance of health systems in terms of availability, afford ability, and quality of healthcare services.

Advisory Board

The School of Digital Health will be supported by an Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is comprised of key professionals engaged in Digital Transformation and Digital Health.

Mr. Sanjiv Navangul

Mr. Sanjiv Navangul (Chairman)

Managing Director & CEO Bharat Serums and Vaccines Limited Mumbai

Mrs. Anisha Motwani

Mrs. Anisha Motwani (Member)

Founder and Director STORM the NORM Ventures, New Delhi

Mr. Alok Mishra

Mr. Alok Mishra (Member)

CEO, Value Addition, Singapore A/Prof. DukeNUS Medical School, Singapore

Dr. Krishna Reddy

Dr. Krishna Reddy (Member)

Nallamalla, DM (Card) President, ACCESS Health International, ASIA

Dr. Amit Kharat

Dr. Amit Kharat (Member)


Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari

Prof. Suptendra Nath Sarbadhikari (Member)

Expert (Digital Health and Health informatics) Uttarakhand Health System Development Project, Dehradun

Dr. Anoop Khanna

Dr. Anoop Khanna (Member)

Professor (HMIS) IIHMR University, Jaipur

Dr. Swapnil Gadhave

Dr. Swapnil Gadhave (Member-Secretary)

Assistant Professor (Digital Health) IIHMR University, Jaipur