Book Review

Book Review 2021

  • Sodani, P. R. (2021). Book Review: “Chandrakant Lahariya, Gagandeep Kang and Randeep Guleria, Till We Win: India’s Fight Against the Covid-19 Pandemic” Published in JHM 23(1) March 2021. In Till We Win: India’s Fight Against the Covid-19 Pandemic By Chandrakant Lahariya. SAGE PublicationsSage India: New Delhi, India.

Book Review 2015-2016

  • Ambey Srivastava, “Encroachment-AChallenge for Urban Development” CSR Times – For leaders in Social Responsibility, June 24’ 2015
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  • Seema Mehta, “Gender Disparities in Completing School Education in India” 2015, Book Chapter- Redefining the Human Resource Paradigm in Changing Cultural, Social and Economic Environment
  • Sandeep Narula, “Analyzing Indian Consumers Online Shopping and Purchasing Behavior, Manthan, 2015, 2(2)
  • Tanjul Saxena, Tantalizing Taste Buds “A Study of Kanha: The Chain of Multi-cuisine Restaurant and Sweets, Jaipur, Rajasthan, 2015 Growth, Globalization&Governance: Promises&Challenges (Editors Swapan K. Majumdar and et al) Book Chapter, Emerald Group Publishing p. 286-299
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