CHSPR About Us

The Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research (CHSPR) aims to bring together two key domains of ‘health policy’ and ‘health systems’ which have hitherto tended to operate in silos. In broad terms, the research carried out at the centre seeks to generate new knowledge on how different factors engage and interact in different socio-political milieus to contribute to health policy processes, and how that relates to the public and community health outcomes. The CHSPR is engaged in cutting-edge research and policy advocacy on a wide range of issues pertaining to health systems across the South and South-East Asia Region. These include issues such as politics and policies on health financing, health system management and governance and so on.

  More specific objectives of the CHSPR are:

  • Undertake health policy and systems research in the countries of Southeast Asian Region
  • Develop a critical mass of competent researchers in the field of health, hospital and other related areas
  • Generate knowledge and disseminate evidence on effectiveness of health policy & programme interventions and components of health systems, and inform the public policies on health

IIHMR University has a long-standing collaboration with Bloomberg School of Public Health of Johns Hopkins University, World Health Organization and several United Nations agencies. The CHSPR is open to partnership with other leading institutes.

The research conducted by the CHSPR is multi-disciplinary. The faculty team associated with the centre includes people from disciplines as diverse as medicine, demography, communication studies, statistics and economics. Currently, the members of the CHSPR include:

  • Dr. D.K. Mangal, Director
  • Dr. P R Sodani, Member
  • Dr. Arindam Das, Member
  • Dr. Neetu Purohit, Member
  • Dr. J P Singh, Member
  • Dr. Mohan Bairwa, Member
  • Mr. Vidhya Bhusan, Member

For any query, suggestions, collaborations and contributions, please contact Dr. D K Mangal at:
Dr. D.K. Mangal
Director, Centre for Health Systems and Policy Research
IIHMR University
1, Prabhu Dayal Marg, Sanganer Airport, Jaipur 302029, India
Phone: +91 141 3924700; Email: