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Collaboration/Global Networking

The University has been instrumental in setting up collaboration and networking globally with various national and international organizations and universities to promote public health education in the health sector. We take pride in having technical tie-ups with these prestigious institutions and organizations.

Working together as partners, disseminating information and sharing knowledge at the national and global levels are the fundamental ethos of the University. Emphasis has been given to networking with prestigious universities and organizations at the international and national levels.

Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health Baltimore, USA

With a focus on public health capacity building in developing countries, cultivating students’ health management skills to enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of public health programs and services, and preparing professionals for challenging careers in public health management in the public and private sectors, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) and national and multinational organizations, the Johns Hopkins University, Bloomberg School of Public Health and IIHMR have agreed to work together and has signed a memorandum of understanding in the area of research, education and training.

World Health Organization–SEARO New Delhi, India

IIHMR University is a WHO Collaborating Centre for District Health System Based on Primary Health Care for its excellence in health management research, training, and educational programs. As the collaborating centre of WHO SEARO, the Institute works in the areas of organization and management of the health system, strengthening the district health system, quality management in health care, operations research, and health sector reforms. The Institute operates as a resource centre; organizes intra - and inter-country training programs; and collaborates with W.H.O. in monitoring and evaluation and provides expertise in health system management and research.

South-East Asia Public Health Education Institution Network (SEAPHEIN) WHO-SEARO  New Delhi, India

South-East Asia Public Health Education Institution Network (SEAPHEIN) has been created by the WHO South-East Asia Regional Office to promote collaboration and sharing of information and knowledge among the member countries in the Region in pursuit of strengthening public health education and training. IIHMR is a founding and an active partner of the network and has signed agreements for collaboration with various institutions in SEAR countries to promote capacity building in public health, management and joint collaborative research

India Public Health Education Institution Network (India PHEIN)  Jaipur, India

To promote public health education in India, India Public Health Education Institution Network (India PHEIN) has been developed and promoted under the stewardship of WHO-SEARO. The Institute hosts the Secretariat of India PHEIN and playing a leading role in establishing the network to strengthen public health education in India.

National Institute of Health & Family Welfare [NIHFW]  New Delhi

IIHMR University and NIHFW have agreed to promote cooperation in education, training, and research.  The areas of co-operation include joint training; research; visits by an exchange of scholars, teachers, and other staff; exchange of students for long and short-term programs; exchange of research materials (reports, information, published papers etc.); and sharing of information through video conferencing.

SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre (STAC) Nepal

The IIHMR University and the SAARC Tuberculosis and HIV/AIDS Centre (STAC) have technical tie-up for conducting training in the SAARC countries.  The Institute has been instrumental in providing technical support to the STAC several trainings on Leadership & Strategic Management in SAARC region.

University of Chester U.K.

IIHMR University and the University of Chester have signed an MOU for cooperation to enhance academic and research opportunities for the staff and students and also to develop cultural linkages between both the institutions in the field of public health.

B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS) Nepal

To establish educational affiliation between the two organizations, the University has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with B.P. Koirala Institute of Health Sciences (BPKIHS), Nepal. The major areas of agreement include advice and consultancy on structural, academic, policy and procedural matters related to the establishment of a new School of Public Health, partnership to support the development of School of Public Health, support in curriculum development in public health, exchange of faculty and training of faculty and staff in public health, participation and support in teaching training activities, student exchange, collaboration in research activities, collaboration in service and public health policy activities etc.