Upcoming Training Program

S.No. Program Title Program Director Date *Fee for Indian Participant (INR) *Fee for Foreign Participant (US$) View Details Apply Now
1 Introduction to Digital Health Dr. Sandeep Narula This Program is Available on MOOCs. 708 15 Click Here Apply Now
2 Digital Marketing in Healthcare Dr. Sheenu Jain 13/Sep/2021 - 17/Sep/2021 3000/- 50$ Click Here Apply Now
3 Structural Equation Modelling Using AMOS Veena Nair Sarkar 01/Oct/2021 - 03/Oct/2021 5900/- 89$ Click Here Apply Now
4 Implementation Science for Effective Implementation of Health Programs Dr. Piyusha Majumdar 18/Oct/2021 - 29/Oct/2021 5900/- 83$ Click Here Apply Now
5 Analytics and Decision Support in Health Care Operations Management Dr. Susmit Jain 21/Oct/2021 - 24/Oct/2021 2950/- 40$ Click Here Apply Now
6 Building Resilience in Children and Caregivers in Times of COVID-19 Dr. Ratna Verma 28/Oct/2021 - 31/Oct/2021 2360/- 35$ Click Here Apply Now
7 Design Thinking for Healthcare Managers and Leaders Dr. Sheenu Jain 15/Nov/2021 - 19/Nov/2021 3000/- 50$ Click Here Apply Now
8 Systematic Reviews and Meta-analysis Dr. D K Mangal 22/Nov/2021 - 26/Nov/2021 3540/- 59$ Click Here Apply Now
9 Advanced Digital Marketing & Analytics Dr. Sheenu Jain 22/Nov/2021 - 26/Nov/2021 3000/- 50$ Click Here Apply Now
10 Entrepreneurial Mindset Building for Management Students and Future Founders Dr. Pallavi Choudhary Agarwalla 22/Nov/2021 - 24/Nov/2021 3000/ 45$ Click Here Apply Now
11 Data Management using Stata Ashish Bandhu 23/Nov/2021 - 25/Nov/2021 3540/- 59$ Click Here Apply Now
12 Medico-Legal Training for Healthcare Professionals Dr. Ashok Peepliwal 02/Dec/2021 - 04/Dec/2021 2500/- 35$ Click Here Apply Now
13 Problem Solving & Decision-Making Skills for Healthcare Professionals Dr. Seema Mehta 20/Jan/2022 - 22/Jan/2022 2360/- 35$ Click Here Apply Now

*The above mentioned program fee inclusive of 18% GST as applicable as per government tax norms