Human Biology and Medical Terminologies

Introduction to Human Biology and Medical Terminologies
April 01-10, 2021
Course Coordinator: Dr. Neeraj Sharma (BDS, MPH (JHSPH))
Dr. Sandesh Sharma (MBBS, MBA, PhD)

Programme Description

This introductory course is developed to impart basic knowledge on human biology particularly for the aspirants of MPH, MBA (Health, Hospital, Pharmaceutical and Rural Management) programs who do not have a biology/ health/ medical background. The course describes cell structure and functions; anatomy and physiology of various systems in human body and organs; commonly used terms in day-today work in the health system. Simple videos, diagrams and illustrations will be used to facilitate the online learning.

  • Non-Medical/Nursing/Paramedical Graduate Students

  • Credit Points: 3

  • Eligibility: Any Graduate, MPH Students, MBA Students (Health, Hospital, Pharmaceutical and Rural Management)

Aims and Objectives

The aim of this course is to provide information on the structure and physiological function of the human body to help in facilitating the understanding of health and various body functions.

By the end of the course, the students will be able to

  • To describe the human cell structure and functions
  • To describe the structure and functions of various systems and their organs in the body.
  • To learn about the terminology related to human biology.

Pedagogy and Mode of Delivery

  • Lectures
  • Demonstrations
  • Discussions and Presentation of the assigned topics
  • Online via distance learning

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Day Hours Units Contents  
1. 1.5 1 Introduction 1. Overview/ Cell structure
2. 1.5 1 Nervous System 2.A:  Nervous System
1.5 1 2.B:  Vision
3. 1.5 1 2.C:  Hearing
1.5 1 2.D:  Smell, Taste and Skin
4. 1.5 1 Locomotor System 3.   Bones, Muscles and Joints
1.5 1 Circulatory System 4.A:  Circulation
5. 3.0 2 4.B:  Blood
1.5 1 4.C: Lymphatic System and Immunity


1 Digestive System
1.5 1 Respiratory System


2 Urogenital System 7.A: Urinary System
1.5 1 7.B: Male Reproductive System
8. 3.0 2 7.C: Female Reproductive System
9. 1.5 1 7.D: Pregnancy and Lactation
1.5 1 7.E: Contraception
10. 3.0 2 Endocrine System 8. Endocrines


S. no Components Marks
1 Class Participation 20%
2 Mid Term Exam 30%
3. Term Exam 50%
Total 100%