Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : ICDS, Anganwadi Centre, Completeness, Consistency, Timeliness, MIS, AWW.

Objective : • To assess the different registers at Anganwadi Center for completeness, timeliness and consistency of data • To identify the causes of incompleteness, inconsistency and untimeliness of data reported by AWCs.

Background : For realization of objectives of ICDS and widely approved consensus on accurate, timely and regular information systems, great emphasis has been laid on data capturing at each AWC, block and district level which is further collated at state and National level. For this, a continuous flow of good quality information was needed along with a strong Monitoring and Evaluation system which is essential for tracking programme performance and designing new interventions. Management Information System (MIS) a part of M&E system, focused on improving the collection and use of data related to core programmes. Quality improvement and the timely dissemination of quality data are thus, essential if the authorities wish to maintain nutritional status at an optimal level.

Methodology : A descriptive cross sectional study was conducted in five blocks of Navsari District. Twenty AWCs were selected randomly in each of 5 blocks. The registers have been personally checked for completeness and consistency and the Anganwadi worker along with the supervisor were interviewed face to face with the help of semi structured questionnaire

Findings : From the survey conducted, it was observed that though some important registers were maintained properly, a close insight into them made us realise the flaws in the data inputs, the inconsistency in the registers, the lack on the part of AWWs to enter correct standard data which may be due to lack of capacity or plain enthusiasm. All these indicate the low priority given to nutritional statistics in these AWCs and thus delimiting the scope for which MIS was primarily enforced into ICDS. Thus this can be a reason for the poor statistics across the country.

Recommendations : The above results have negative impacts on the efforts of the government which tries to improve the statistics of India to come and reach at par with the Millennium Development Goals. Unavailability of registers suggests lack of resources on part of government or negligence on part of workers which should be looked into. Thus to improve the scenario and increase the effectiveness of MIS, strong management and supervision is required at the AWC for both data and workforce. There is a need to move from reporting undernutrition to preventing undernutrition by proactive using of MIS System