Abstract of Dissertation

Agency : Oral Health, Gastric Problem. Medication of the Chronic Illness, Geriatric Population

Objective : General Objective of the study is to observe the relationship between oral health condition and chronic gastric problems among geriatric population. The specific objectives of the study are 1. To assess the oral health condition of the geriatric population. 2. To assess the extent of the geriatric population affected by gastric problems. 3. To assess the inter relationship between the oral health condition and medication for chronic illness with the gastric condition of the study population.

Background : India has acquired the label of an aging nation with the elderly population currently being over 77 million and the population is expected to account for an alarming 12 percent of the total population by 2020. The rapid graying of the population comes with a number of difficulties in terms of general and oral health. The two striking features regarding the elderly population of India are as follows: (i) the rate of growth of the elderly population is much faster than the growth of the total population; and (ii) the feminization of the elderly population. The elderly people are characterized by their diversity in economy, literacy level and health status.. Loss of independence, cognitive problems, forgetfulness, lack of motivation, physical disability layered with chronic medical problems in them contribute to diminish the self care ability thereby enhancing their susceptibility to oral diseases. India is currently home to about 1.21 billion people representing about 17% of the earth's population. Over 72% percent of people live in rural areas. The geriatric population constitutes the major portion of the rural population, about 80 percent of the elderly resides in rural India, and among them 73 percent are illiterate and 75 percent are economically dependent. This study aims to establish a relation between the oral health condition and the medications consumed by the geriatric population with their gastric problems.

Methodology : The area under study were seven blocks of the East 47 Champaran District, ie Motihari, Turkoliya, Pakdidayal, Dhaka, Kesariya, Chiraiya, Madhuban.. The study was a cross sectional analytical type of study in which data collection technique was through personal interview. The tool used for conducting the personal interview was through an interview schedule. The study was conducted between the period of 1st February 2014 and 30th April 2014. The target group for the interview comprised of respondents of age 60 years or over and a sample size of 70 respondents was targeted for the study.

Findings : From the findings, we can derive that 70% of the geriatric population that was under study had extremely poor oral hygiene and of that section also, 77% of the respondents suffered from chronic illness and were on medication for the same. Of these, 63% of the respondents were suffering from gastric problems which on professional diagnosis, was because of medication or improper diet. The study also showed that the respondents falling under the category of those with poor oral hygiene, chronic illness and daily medication did not present with a history of gastric problem before the start of the medication for their problems

Recommendations : From the study conducted and based on the findings we can prove that a positive relationship existed between the oral health condition, the chronic illnesses and the daily medication that the geriatric was prescribed with that of their gastric problems. Also, due to the poor oral health condition of the respondents, it was proved in the study that their quality of life was negatively affected by it as compared to those who had better oral health status