Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : CHC Functioning, IPHS Standards, PHC; Community Health Centre

Objective : To compare the functioning of the CHC Amer with that of the set standards laid down for a CHC

Background : The Government Hospital, Amer is a Community Health Center located on outskirts of the city in Amer. It caters to the medical needs of inhabitants of the periphery majorly. Patients from areas surrounding amer also come here to seek medical facilities. The Community Health Centre (CHC), the third tier of the network of rural health care institutions, was required to act primarily as a referral centre (for the neighbouring PHCs, usually 4 in number) for the patients requiring specialised health care services.

Methodology : 1. Type of study: Cross sectional qualitative analytical, focussed group study 2. Data Collection tools (a) Primary: unstructured interviews, observations (b)Secondary: Record review, check lists 3. Sample size: data collected from 1st January 2015 to 5th April 2015

Findings : 1. Manpower inadequacy in certain crucial areas of the center; OPD attendant, Nursing staff 2. Lack of communication between CHC and its covering PHCs 3. Unavailability of specialist doctors usually during evening hours 4. Patients facing problem (feel undirected) due to lack of an OPD attendant 5. Patients complaining of long waiting time to collect reports

Recommendations : 1. A person dedicated to the OPD to be appointed as an OPD manager to guide the patients as to where to go further 2. A dedicated staff to regularly contact the PHCs so that the no. of referred cases can be increased 3. A prior preparation of the OT or labour room to be done on getting the information on receiving such cases 4. Higher authorities to look into the matter of unavailability of specialists during evening hours; interns can be posted in evening hours 5. Lab audit to be carried out to improve the TAT of the Laboratory