Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Post Implementation; LIS; Major Head; Bucket; Filtering; Causes

Objective : Aim: To identify the major causes of the incidents occurring post implementation of LIS Objective: To access root cause analysis to evaluate the causes for delay

Methodology : A six month retrospective study post implementation of LIS was carried out and the problems that arose were analyzed. Filtering of incidents in the form of tickets was done. The buckets were taken into consideration to analyze the actual problem. Thereby, identifying the root cause of incidents over a period of 6 months (May 2014-October 2014).

Findings : The study analyses the issues faced by the end users after the implementation of LIS. All the closed issues over the period of 6 months (May 2014- October 2014) were gathered and categorized into various major heads. The four major causes of issues over past 6 months were categorized into User Access, Import and configuration process, Interface and Printer configuration /setup. Common causes of training and communication: user navigates into wrong screen, user places wrong orders, not aware of activities available in that screen, don’t know how to verify the report, duplication of orders, not able to complete order, printing multiple labels, test cancelled with no proper information.