Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : CINI Project; CWFC Village; Education Protection Health and Nutrition; EPHN

Background : The current project of creating a CWFC village has been aimed at one of the Panchayat in Uttar Dinajpur, West Bengal as a pilot initiative to create a model where the issues of RCH, child education and protection will be addressed holistically. The core framework of the project is to ensure three-partite partnership in between local self Government, services providers and community in bringing changes in the situation. CINI proposes to adopt “Women and Child Friendly Community’’ approach aiming at empowering the community and collectively work with community level stakeholders on issues pertaining to education, protection, health and nutrition (EPHN). CWFC aims at helping deprived children and women (and their communities) and identify and work on local issues that impact their lives. Children and women are supported in processes aimed at fulfilling their rights, particularly in the education, protection, health and nutrition (EPHN) sectors. The emphasis is also on strengthening partnerships and joint action involving communities, local government bodies and service providers. These three stakeholders are seen as key actors that make the CWFC approach work. CINI acts as a facilitator, supporting them in developing and implementing plans based on local needs and concerns.

Methodology : Setting of the study/ Study area: Bangalbari in the Hemtabad Block of North Dinajpur district of West Bengal. Type of Study: Qualitative Study Design: Descriptive, Cross-sectional Medium of instruction: Bengali Sample: 3 Better Performing Villages & 6 Moderate Performing Villages FGD’s of the Women Community Group, Self-Help Group, Adolescents Group. Interview with the PRI members and with the VLCPC representatives.

Findings : With the due facilitation of CINI, the community has gathered more knowledge on various schemes that are laid for them by the Government, directly. Where and how can they avail these laid down schemes?; What are the different services available for the children in school?;. How to avail the benefits of the Anwesha counselor as in the case of the adolescents? It is without question that CINI has definitely played a major role in establishing the empowerment and the awareness factor among the community members of Bangalbaree Gram Panchayat. The women community and the SHGs have definitely become more empowered and now can take the initiate to go to any authority in a collective manner for any issue or any problem. This factor was evidently visible in the better performing villages than the moderate performing ones where collective participation was not present and in the former it was noticeably there. The women have now understood the fundamental reality and necessity of EPHN and have also started acting towards it in the required manner possible. With the introduction and exposure of new trainings and capacity building campaigns, the adolescent groups are requesting for more. The adolescent groups are much more aware than the women community and are well sentient of various rights in terms of their health, education and protection and expect more Government aid/funds for the same.