Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : KAP; HUP Slums; Eye Health

Background : A clear understanding of the knowledge, attitude and practices of a particular community can help design programme interventions. No study exists which relate to the knowledge, attitutude and practices of the people residing in urban slums in India, in such a scenario it becomes important to know about their knowledge, attitude and practices relating to eye health. This study is an attempt to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of the community in relation to eye health in the urban slum of Jawahar Nagar, Jaipur , Rajasthan

Methodology : The study design was descriptive, cross-sectional and the Study location was HUP slum of Jawahar Nagar, in Jaipur, Rajasthan which includes teela no.1, teela no. 3, teela No. 4, teela No.6 and Azad nagar. Among all the HUP slums listed above, three slums were chosen for the study purpose which were teela No.1, teela No. 3 and teela No. 4 Three areas from Jawahar Nagar slum were chosen, due to convenience, accessibility, lack of funds and other resources. The sampling was purposive sampling. The sample size was hundred, hundred questionnaires have been filled by the respondents of teela no.1, teela no.3 and teela no.4. Structured questionnaire had been used as a data collection tool. All the respondents were briefed about the nature of study, its purpose and the procedure for completing the questionnaire Hundred respondents were interviewed through a structured questionnaire. Only eligible respondents were selected. Males and females above sixteen years of age were included.

Findings : The study aimed to assess the knowledge, attitude and practices of the community towards eye health. As is evident from the findings and discussions, the knowledge about eye health and prevention of eye health problems is high but the practice of preventive steps is low as the factors which encourage preventive practices are not present.