Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Quality assessment; Health-care services; Key Performance Indicators; Patient satisfaction.

Objective : This paper seeks to present objective information concerning the Quality of health services provided by Private Hospitals using the NABH Self- assessment tool, Process- mapping, As-is survey and Patient Satisfaction Survey to identify the gaps in achieving the Quality Standards particularly in the OPD and IPD department.

Background : During recent decades, the number of private centres providing health care services has been ever increasingly growing, and the private health care services market has turned out to be a competitive environment. Highly competitive market in the private hospital industry has caused increasing pressure on them to provide services with higher quality. Quality can be used as a strategic differentiation for establishing a distinctive advantage. Because most of patients lack the required knowledge for evaluating the technical quality of the services, their evaluation of quality is based on the medical care process. The analysis of service quality enables hospital management to allocating the financial resources for improving performance in the areas that have more influence on the customers' perception of service quality.

Methodology : The study utilizes the Self-assessment tool kit as proposed by the NABH for Small Health Care Organizations (SHCO’s). Primary data from the hospital was used to study hospital statistics to give insight into the Key Performance Indicators. The study also carries information about patients as customers and current understanding of the patient satisfaction using a questionnaire.

Findings : The results of the NABH Self-assessment tool kit show that the hospital falls short by at least four standards to acquire a pre-accreditation status. The hospital has to come up to these Standards as they are critical in providing Quality services to the patients. Also, the gaps identified in the OPD and IPD must be bridged using the suggested closures.

Recommendations : This result can be used by the hospital to redesign and to improve their quality management processes and for the future direction of their more effective Health care quality strategies in hospitals. This paper reveals the importance of Continuous Quality Improvement and evaluation of patient services as Small Health Care Organizations are increasingly becoming important players in the delivery of accessible and affordable health care.