Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Operation Theatre; OT Utilization; Causing Prolonged Turn over Time; Causing Delay

Objective : To determine the non productive time during the turnover and overhaul to increase overall productivity, to determine the delays in surgical procedure and to determine the reasons behind the long turnover periods and delay in surgeries.

Background : An operating theater, also called as an operating room (OR) or operating suite, is a facility within a hospital where surgical procedures are carried out in a sterile environment. Historically, the term "operating theatre" referred to a sterile or amphitheater in which students and other spectators could watch surgeons perform surgery. Healthcare, as with any other service operations, requires continuous and systematic innovation to remain cost effective, efficient and provide high quality services. Operation theaters (OTs) are the key area which involves huge capital investment; it is highly manpower intensive too along with being a high cost center. It is a high priority service area from the management point of view, which requires adequate attention and willingness to improve efficiency for better returns on investment. From the retrospective study on OT utilization, it was evident that there is nonproductive time (NPT), which requires comprehensive correction. The objective of the study includes increasing the efficiency of the OT utilization in order to avoid the NPT in OT, improve efficiency and reduce related financial loss. Utilization efficiency of the OR refers to time lag between the two consecutive surgical procedures and the efficiency with which the OT runs according to the scheduled plan. Turnover time may be defined as the length of time that starts when one patient leaves the OR and ends when the next patient on the schedule enters the same OR. Non-Productive Time refers to the time taken apart from the actual surgical procedures. E.g. Delay, cleaning, OT preparation etc.

Methodology : The study on utilization of Operation Theater at Asian Heart Institute, Mumbai is an Observational and Descriptive type of study. The sample size was 120 surgeries for the prospective study. The study period was between February 2017 to May 2017. Sampling techniques which was used is non probability convenient sampling. Univariate analysis is carried out to show the results with the help of pie charts and graphs.

Findings : Of the 120 surgeries done, average non productive time = 36 min. Standard deviation of turn over time =24.673. 71.3% of cases are above 20 minutes of turn over time out of 120 surgeries.