Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Preventive Health Checkups, Process Mapping, Trend Analysis, Turnaround Time, Posting, Process improvement

Objective : • To optimize the time spent in Preventive Health Checkup department. • To analyze the gaps in the process flow of Preventive Health Checkup department. • To analyze the trend of health checkup department from Nov-2016 to Apr-2017

Background : Health is defined as a state of complete physical, psychological and mental well-being and not merely the absence of any disease (WHO). It has become a fact that disease attacks human beings irrespective of age, sex, culture, occupation and other factors. Hence, it is always better to check the health status even if one is in normal health. What is Health Checkup? A Health Checkup consists of a series of tests that are designed to check if you are on the right health track. The basic goal of a health checkup is to find the hidden disease in your body, prevent it from building and lower its effect on your body. By taking up regular health checkups, you are increasing your lifespan by improving your health and preventing it from deteriorating.

Methodology : The duration of study is from Feb 13th to May 13th The area of study is Medical Health Checkup Department The sample size is 120 The inclusion criteria are customers who are healthy and come for health checkup alone and the customers from the companies tied up with Shalby hospitals for health checkup The Sampling method used is Judgmental Sampling. Data is collected by taking TAT as well as total cycle time of each process in different health checkup packages for 120 samples. Process improvement is to carry out by applying Process Mapping and the time taken in the completion of the health-check process from the time of registration till last consultation.

Findings : About 38% of the sample have not got their investigations done within TAT. Average health check-ups per day is 13. Average OPD per day is 27. Time taken for posting is 3 to 4 min. Time taken for OPD registration is 3 min. This shows that posting can be done prior to 12 o’clock at any circumstances. Trend analysis from the last six months shows that there is a huge decrease in the number of self-paying patients.

Recommendations : In today's age, the varying lifestyle, pollution and stress levels can lead to health problems for which early checks are required before the problem becomes compounded. The expanding cost of healthcare shared with busy work schedules means that most of the people are pushing regular checkups on the last priority. But the truth of the matter is that regular doctors' visits can give the difference between death and life. Appropriate disease management can prevent needless hospitalization and lessen the cost of primary care.