Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : OT; Turnover Time; OT Utilization; Cancellation of Cases; Baseline Utilization Data; Operating Rooms

Objective : The objective of this study is to collect the baseline utilization data of operating theatres in the operation theatre complex and to measure the turnover times for subsequent cases in the operating rooms and determine the reasons behind the long turnover periods.

Background : The operation theatre complex of a hospital represents an area of considerable expenditure in a hospital budget and requires maximal utilization to ensure optimum cost-benefit. Optimum utilization of the OT time has always been a priority area for hospital administrator's Cancellation of elective scheduled operations on the day of surgery leads to an inefficient use of operating room (OR) time and a waste of resources. Prolonged turnover time in OT causes potential loss or deferment of revenue for the hospital and internal customer dissatisfaction.

Methodology : A Prospective observational study was carried out at OT complex of a tertiary care hospital from 15th March 2017 to 8th April 2017.

Findings : The average adjusted OT Utilization was 75% and the average Raw Utilization was 64%. The average turnover time of OT’s was 59 minutes. 29% (119) of the cases had more than 1 hour of turnover time which led to increase in overall turnover time of all OTs. 65% of the cases were cancelled as patients didn’t get admitted on the day of surgery.16% of the cases were cancelled as they were unfit for the surgery. 11% of the cases were cancelled as the patients of IPD were not willing for surgery. 4% of the cases were cancelled as there was no financial clearance.

Recommendations : Avoidable causes were Doctors coming late for surgery, Improper OT scheduling, communication failure between patient and Administration, and patient not ready in ward while Non- avoidable causes were surgery postponed or cancelled by patient, patient unfit for surgery, and emergency add on cases. The correction of these avoidable factors would increase the efficiency of Operation theatre.