Abstract of Dissertation

Keyword : Patient Satisfaction; Home Healthcare; Quality of Care

Objective : The objective is to study the patient satisfaction in home care setting and analyze the various areas requiring improvements.

Background : Home health care is a wide range of health care services i.e. nursing, physiotherapy etc. that can be given at home for an illness or injury. Patient satisfaction has been one of the widely-used measures in healthcare sector like hospitals, but it’s not that much studied in home health care sector in India.

Methodology : This research involves feedback of 100 patients/attendants by the Customer Support Team. Further 100 patients were randomly selected out of total 265 cases in April. Each patient was asked 6 questions in which they had to rate from 1-5(In Question 6 its 0-10) with 1 being the lowest and 5 being the highest level of satisfaction.

Findings : It was found that 58% patients were satisfied with staff and services. 55% people were satisfied and comfortable in communicating with care staff. 64% patients agree that care was given in a professional way. 62% patients were satisfied with the overall care. 27% people considered home care better than hospital care and 32% considered hospital care better than home care. NPS Score which measures the loyalty of the patients came out to be 63%. Further scoring was analyzed on the basis of gender, type of service and duration of services. Of all male patients 50% were satisfied and of all female patients 53% were satisfied. 56% patients in nursing attendant services, 54% in physiotherapy services and 44% in nursing services have given rating of more than 3 i.e. are satisfied. 44% patients who availed services for 1-5 days, 44% patients who availed for 6-10 days, 56% who availed for 11-20 days and 52% who availed for more than 20 days are satisfied.

Recommendations : Overall the patients/attendants are satisfied with the home care services. To satisfy more number of patients a great importance is to be given to training (both clinical as well as soft skill) especially for nurses and also for working in a proper policy laid system as in the hospital sector.